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Mohican Weekend Training

Just pics up right now. Training report and captions for pics to come later today. I’m heading outside to do some ultra gardening for the day.

Cheryl on the 3rd water crossing on the Red Loop. It looked deeper, but when we waded in, only about knee high. (Cheryl is about 5’4″)

Runners starting up “Enchanted Valley” on the Purple Loop, the climb up to the Little Lyons Waterfall. This is where you will do the hand over hand climb up the roots.
Runners on the Purple Loop.

This is on the Orange Loop, the Mountain Bike Trail.
Friday Night Runners!
This is the first water crossing on the Red Loop. Pretty shallow, but not enough rocks to hop across. Unless the water goes down dramatically, you will have wet feet. This is about one mile after Bridle Staging Aid Station.
Cheryl on the Red Loop.

Waterfall (on the right) at Big Lyons Fall. Sometimes it can be embarassing-the water will dry up or be a trickle. You should see it after a rain! Hopefully there will be some water. This is a nice chance to stick your head under the water and cool off a bit.

Mohican Weekend!!

I’m leaving soon for Loudonville. This is a three day very loosely organized training weekend for the Mohican 100.
Having the luxury of being off work today, I’m leaving here about 11 am. I have to stop and get groceries and ice. Then I am camping at Mohican Adventures, at a camp site just off the orange loop (mtn bike trail.)

Since I will be way early, I am dropping water at Hickory Ridge AS and Rock Point. It sounds like Roy may be dropping water there too.

I’m planning on getting some extra miles in this afternoon, but I haven’t decided to what route yet.

Probable Route for Salt Fork Run Sunday

This is more of a note to myself for route planning. I ran down at Salt Fork on Wednesday, and I want to explore the shorter loop “hiking trails” that are on the main road to the campground. Since they are not bridle trails, they should not have the same amount of shoe sucking mud that the bridle trails contain.

Start from the beach, follow bridle trail over to the Main Campground Road. (3-4miles). Run the “Archery Trail” marked as one mile. Start down the Main Road, run the Trail over to the Lodge (Shadebush Loop) and back (4 miles). Keep going down Main Road, Run “Gunn’s Glenn” Loop-2 miles. Run “Sunshine Book Nature Trail” 0.7 mile. Run “Forest Crest Nature Trail” 0.3 mile. Run “Valley Brook Loop” 1 mile. Run “Hillcrest Trail Loop” 1 mile. “Run Beach Point Loop” 1 mile. Run bridle trail back to Beach-one mile.

That will get us about 18 miles. And I can set out some water in a couple good spots accessible from the road to refill at.

Salt Fork Run Today

I’ve been having a bit of the blahs this week, not good when there’s about one month to go to your next race, but “it is what it is”. I woke up, sleeping in for the 4th day in a row, and decided to head out to Salt Fork State Park for a trail run.

I went out for my familiar loop course,which is around six miles on the “orange loop”.

I should have worn capris, or brought a machete, to help clear the trail. The briars are quickly growing across the trail, and I’ve got plenty of new scratches to show for it.

For some reason, I thought this trail would be drier than the “blue trail” that Nick and I ran a few weeks ago. Not so. There was plenty of shoe sucking mud. At one spot, my foot sank down and I was in mud up to mid calf. It took a little rocking just to free myself from that spot!

A good run, although very slow due to the mud spots.

Just Hills

I was proud that I got my planned workout done today. I stayed about one hour over at work, ran one errand, then had to make a U-Turn and run another errand…I then got right home and put on the workout clothes and headed across the road to the pasture for my first hills workout.

The husband and dogs came along. The husband brought the DR Mower, and did some brush hogging of mult flower roses while I worked out. The dogs did their own thing.

I did 4 repeats of these. I started at the top of a hill, ran down it, ran a few feet through the mushy ground at the bottom, and climbed the bigger hill. I kept visualizing several different hills at Mohican, thinking to myself, “this is going to help you get up these hills faster in a few weeks at Mohican”.

My legs got scratched and bloody. My dogs (well two of them) smartened up after the second round, and hung out by the watering trough. Only the German Shepherd puppy, who is only two, was spry/stupid enough for following me around.

I was good after 4 repeats. Next Tuesday I will do more. Perhaps leave the dogs across the road, less for me to focus on. Glad to have gotten the workout done!

Mohican Run Sunday!

My, there is a reason I write reports right away…if I don’t they get away from me.
A small group this fine Sunday morning…..almost an all chickie run, except for Regis and Mark. Runners are me, Terri, Mark, Debbie, Regis, Wendy, and Cheryl.
We started on the orange loop, the mountain bike trail. I led for approximately 50 fifty before ceding the lead spot to Regis. Tried to talk Terri into running the Mohican 100 in the brief minute we chatted-told her of course a 100 mile race hurt. Then I saved my breath to get up the big hills. The “new way” on the orange (it’s been this way for two years now) is much more runnable, but far more climb. The “old” way was just about a vertical climb, but then, flatland to run on! I kept imagining Cheryl could hear my wheezing from her position!
A good day to run on the orange. The day was a bit cool, in fact, got a little chilled when we stopped at a few intersections to make sure Debbie followed the trail. Debbie turned around just at the Hickory Ridge Aid Station; this was a good long distance for her, but she felt like she could follow the trail back again. In fact, she thought she would get out during the week on this section again because it was easy to follow. (Always let us know when you are in state, Debbie, we’ll come run with you!!) Cheryl and I continued on the orange loop, encountering a few bikers, but not as many as we thought, given their Mohican 100 Mile Trail Race was just in a few weeks. Cheryl and I had fun chatting and she was trying to avoid the mud as I just plowed through it.
We got back to the Covered Bridge. I knew Reg and Wendy had been through, since they left me an empty bar wrapper under my windshield wiper. I mentioned to Cheryl that I wanted to get some more miles in, and Cheryl agreed! She even fed me emergency Pringles since my car was locked (Reg had the key) and we started up the “Red Loop” to the Bridle Staging Area.

I messed up my Garmin on the Orange Loop, but reset it for the Covered Bridge to Bridle Staging Area. Cheryl and I reminisced on this section, on how bad it used to suck, and how tall the hill was (the hill is actually that tall!!!!) and I was getting quite the headache. I don’t know why, I was still hungry even after the emergency Pringles. I decided somewhere along the line that I didn’t want to return on the same path, and mentioned to Cheryl about hopping over to the Green Loop. She then said, “oh you mean, go Fire Tower to the Covered Bridge?” Doh! I was having runner head. I happily agreed on this mainly downhill finish to our day!

As we walked under the Fire Tower, I noticed a silver Ford Escape turning into the drive…it looked suspiciously like mine….yep, the kids were done with their run, and generously offered us adult beverages and S&V Pringles. And Wendy told me “you’re not getting in this car!” So Cheryl and I went on with our 2.5 miles back to the Covered Bridge

This is why Colleen sez not to drop at the Covered Bridge:

The cartoonish arrows shows the elevation change from the Fire Tower to the Covered Bridge. Yes, except for about 3 little hills, it’s a downhill shot all the way.

Cheryl and I finished up with about twenty miles for the day, a good run at Mohican!!