Just Hills

I was proud that I got my planned workout done today. I stayed about one hour over at work, ran one errand, then had to make a U-Turn and run another errand…I then got right home and put on the workout clothes and headed across the road to the pasture for my first hills workout.

The husband and dogs came along. The husband brought the DR Mower, and did some brush hogging of mult flower roses while I worked out. The dogs did their own thing.

I did 4 repeats of these. I started at the top of a hill, ran down it, ran a few feet through the mushy ground at the bottom, and climbed the bigger hill. I kept visualizing several different hills at Mohican, thinking to myself, “this is going to help you get up these hills faster in a few weeks at Mohican”.

My legs got scratched and bloody. My dogs (well two of them) smartened up after the second round, and hung out by the watering trough. Only the German Shepherd puppy, who is only two, was spry/stupid enough for following me around.

I was good after 4 repeats. Next Tuesday I will do more. Perhaps leave the dogs across the road, less for me to focus on. Glad to have gotten the workout done!

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