Mohican Run Sunday!

My, there is a reason I write reports right away…if I don’t they get away from me.
A small group this fine Sunday morning…..almost an all chickie run, except for Regis and Mark. Runners are me, Terri, Mark, Debbie, Regis, Wendy, and Cheryl.
We started on the orange loop, the mountain bike trail. I led for approximately 50 fifty before ceding the lead spot to Regis. Tried to talk Terri into running the Mohican 100 in the brief minute we chatted-told her of course a 100 mile race hurt. Then I saved my breath to get up the big hills. The “new way” on the orange (it’s been this way for two years now) is much more runnable, but far more climb. The “old” way was just about a vertical climb, but then, flatland to run on! I kept imagining Cheryl could hear my wheezing from her position!
A good day to run on the orange. The day was a bit cool, in fact, got a little chilled when we stopped at a few intersections to make sure Debbie followed the trail. Debbie turned around just at the Hickory Ridge Aid Station; this was a good long distance for her, but she felt like she could follow the trail back again. In fact, she thought she would get out during the week on this section again because it was easy to follow. (Always let us know when you are in state, Debbie, we’ll come run with you!!) Cheryl and I continued on the orange loop, encountering a few bikers, but not as many as we thought, given their Mohican 100 Mile Trail Race was just in a few weeks. Cheryl and I had fun chatting and she was trying to avoid the mud as I just plowed through it.
We got back to the Covered Bridge. I knew Reg and Wendy had been through, since they left me an empty bar wrapper under my windshield wiper. I mentioned to Cheryl that I wanted to get some more miles in, and Cheryl agreed! She even fed me emergency Pringles since my car was locked (Reg had the key) and we started up the “Red Loop” to the Bridle Staging Area.

I messed up my Garmin on the Orange Loop, but reset it for the Covered Bridge to Bridle Staging Area. Cheryl and I reminisced on this section, on how bad it used to suck, and how tall the hill was (the hill is actually that tall!!!!) and I was getting quite the headache. I don’t know why, I was still hungry even after the emergency Pringles. I decided somewhere along the line that I didn’t want to return on the same path, and mentioned to Cheryl about hopping over to the Green Loop. She then said, “oh you mean, go Fire Tower to the Covered Bridge?” Doh! I was having runner head. I happily agreed on this mainly downhill finish to our day!

As we walked under the Fire Tower, I noticed a silver Ford Escape turning into the drive…it looked suspiciously like mine….yep, the kids were done with their run, and generously offered us adult beverages and S&V Pringles. And Wendy told me “you’re not getting in this car!” So Cheryl and I went on with our 2.5 miles back to the Covered Bridge

This is why Colleen sez not to drop at the Covered Bridge:

The cartoonish arrows shows the elevation change from the Fire Tower to the Covered Bridge. Yes, except for about 3 little hills, it’s a downhill shot all the way.

Cheryl and I finished up with about twenty miles for the day, a good run at Mohican!!

4 thoughts on “Mohican Run Sunday!

  1. Debbie

    Thanx Kim, I had a great time!! Anybody in AZ look me up and I will show you some of our trails!!

  2. Luc


    I’m lovin your interactive charts 🙂 Are you by chance going back up to Mohican this weekend? If not, are you planning on going to Salt Fork? I need to do 18 miles and I’d love to get them done on some real trails.

    Great job last weekend. 🙂


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