Mohican Weekend!!

I’m leaving soon for Loudonville. This is a three day very loosely organized training weekend for the Mohican 100.
Having the luxury of being off work today, I’m leaving here about 11 am. I have to stop and get groceries and ice. Then I am camping at Mohican Adventures, at a camp site just off the orange loop (mtn bike trail.)

Since I will be way early, I am dropping water at Hickory Ridge AS and Rock Point. It sounds like Roy may be dropping water there too.

I’m planning on getting some extra miles in this afternoon, but I haven’t decided to what route yet.

2 thoughts on “Mohican Weekend!!

  1. Luc

    Sorry I couldn’t be there Kimba! My Friday was crazy, and my Saturday was even crazier. I thought about you guys all morning though. I’m anxious to hear how it went…


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