Mohican Weekend Training

Just pics up right now. Training report and captions for pics to come later today. I’m heading outside to do some ultra gardening for the day.

Cheryl on the 3rd water crossing on the Red Loop. It looked deeper, but when we waded in, only about knee high. (Cheryl is about 5’4″)

Runners starting up “Enchanted Valley” on the Purple Loop, the climb up to the Little Lyons Waterfall. This is where you will do the hand over hand climb up the roots.
Runners on the Purple Loop.

This is on the Orange Loop, the Mountain Bike Trail.
Friday Night Runners!
This is the first water crossing on the Red Loop. Pretty shallow, but not enough rocks to hop across. Unless the water goes down dramatically, you will have wet feet. This is about one mile after Bridle Staging Aid Station.
Cheryl on the Red Loop.

Waterfall (on the right) at Big Lyons Fall. Sometimes it can be embarassing-the water will dry up or be a trickle. You should see it after a rain! Hopefully there will be some water. This is a nice chance to stick your head under the water and cool off a bit.

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