Probable Route for Salt Fork Run Sunday

This is more of a note to myself for route planning. I ran down at Salt Fork on Wednesday, and I want to explore the shorter loop “hiking trails” that are on the main road to the campground. Since they are not bridle trails, they should not have the same amount of shoe sucking mud that the bridle trails contain.

Start from the beach, follow bridle trail over to the Main Campground Road. (3-4miles). Run the “Archery Trail” marked as one mile. Start down the Main Road, run the Trail over to the Lodge (Shadebush Loop) and back (4 miles). Keep going down Main Road, Run “Gunn’s Glenn” Loop-2 miles. Run “Sunshine Book Nature Trail” 0.7 mile. Run “Forest Crest Nature Trail” 0.3 mile. Run “Valley Brook Loop” 1 mile. Run “Hillcrest Trail Loop” 1 mile. “Run Beach Point Loop” 1 mile. Run bridle trail back to Beach-one mile.

That will get us about 18 miles. And I can set out some water in a couple good spots accessible from the road to refill at.

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