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So I got in a 13.45 mile run yesterday. I bagged about 7 miles since I just wasn’t into it. Came home, inside to AC, got the chills. Drank a lemonade, showered, and went off to get hair cut and colored. I was developing headache on way, so I got a Tim Horton’s iced cappachino, since I figured it was a caffeine-withdrawal headache.
As I sat there in the salon, I was just getting sicker and sicker with my head. I managed to get out of there, grabbed a taco and a medium Diet Pepsi-hoping this was still just caffeine related, and drove home.
Good god was my head pounding. And since I had cleaned out my car, there was no extra little first aid bags of drugs around! I managed to get home, grab some Advil, saw how pale I was, took out my contacts, and crawled into bed.

I haven’t had a migraine in over 12 years and this was excruciating. First I had husband bring me a cold compress. Nothing. Then I remembered the reason my head was hurting was the blood vessels were constricting. I then had him start bring me hot compresses for my head, and that started to help a bit.

And I was freezing! Yes, the AC was on, but I was under one blanket and had the husband throw another one on top of me. I was miserable for at least two hours, till either the Advil kicked in, or I finally relaxed enough. I managed to crawl out of bed, FB’d that I would not be up to Cleveland for the training run, and turned off the computer. I woke up around 11 pm with the headache just very faint in my head.

So this morning I’m up at 6 am. I still don’t feel 100% better. I’m feeling sorry for myself because everyone is out running today. I am not running today. I don’t want a repeat of yesterday’s pain. I still have Sunday to get a long run in.

I cleaned my car out today

What’s that got to do with trail running? Well, after every out of town trail run, my vehicle is just trashed. Dirt everywhere. So today, I stopped after work to use one of those coin operated vaccuums to get all the dirt out. I expected it would take about three bucks. Imagine my surprise when 75 cents and about 3 minutes time got all the dirt sucked away! I’ll be doing that again! (The home version consists of, finding the shop vac. Finding the extension cord. Dragging all this outside. Yelling at dogs to not come through open door. Shlep shop vac around 4 sides of vehicle. Put shop vac and extension cord away. Find loose dogs. This generally takes a half hour or more.)
So then I got the deluxe automatic car wash! I barely recognize the Escape now!

I did go for a walk around Lake Park. My quads are pretty much still very stiff. I would break into a little jog now and then, and then just go back to a walk. Maybe a run tomorrow. Maybe say good bye to my little trail around the golf course. With my new job in another town south of where I live, there won’t be much reason for me to be in Coshocton. I did develop a little heat rash which I thought was funny. Run 40 miles in hotter weather on Saturday, walk around a little on Tuesday and get prickly heat. Go figure.

My new job is in Cambridge, where I’ve got Salt Fork State Park to run in!!! Well, you know, after work, and all. Not while at work. You can’t have everything.

Something Different this Year

No, I didn’t finish. But I didn’t time out either. I quit. I stopped running at the Covered Bridge, around mile 42. The heat and humidity just really got to me.
A good downpour hit around 6pm Friday night and then again around 4am race morning. This made, as I feared, the green section really muddy. I was pleased with my decision to wear my old winter trail shoes, that still had the screws in them. I think that helped with my traction.

My race really was okay for quite a while. I hit a bad patch starting on the orange loop with its climbs. I actually had to stop and yell at myself out loud, to get over it. I was eating and drinking; in fact I had iced coffee in a handheld. I could kind of feel the caffeine in my head with a bit of a buzz but no energy. (In hindsight that could have just been part of heat stroke.) I perked up a little when I hit Hickory Ridge Aid Station and started on the long descent to the campground. I was just dreading the run out to the Grist Mill. Although there is now less of the course on the blacktop road, there is still a good 1/2 mile or so to endure in the sun.
I got to the Grist Mill AS, and I am not that much of a complainer, but I’m going to do it now. (This has been the typical experience for me at this AS for 3 years.) Most AS volunteers are great. Someone asks you if you want your drop bag, or water refilled. I get to Grist Mill, and while there are people (volunteers? crew? who could tell??) milling around, talking to each other, I can’t get anyone who looks vaguely like they are in charge. “Ice? Ice? Is there any ice? ANYONE??” The only person who answered was another runner-“down there, end of table.” I push around two people talking and open the cooler. There is lunch meat perched on top of the ice, so I help myself to a slice while I look around for something to get the ice out with. I end up just pouring the ice into my handheld and hydration thingy. I then look for a sandwich, but there’s none made. I go over to where the drop bags are, and I can’t figure out where the numbers begin. Some crew handler actually helps me. The food in my drop bag just doesn’t look appetizing. I take a bottle of Boost and turn to go. As I am leaving, someone actually says “do you need anything?” Uh, you’re about ten minutes late, but I said thank you anyways.
The loop out to the Grist Mill, where you are exposed to the sun, just sucked my energy level. As I started up the hill on the North Rim Trail, I couldn’t even get up the hill without stopping. This little section is one mile long. It took me a 1/2 hour. I then decided to just walk (and a real slow walk) the next 2.5 miles back to the Covered Bridge along the river. I realized for me to have a good chance at finishing Mohican, I needed just about perfect conditions. The mud and the weather conditions were the two wild cards that helped me make the decision to DNF at mile 42

Now, the weather is not an excuse, it was all my decision to stop at mile 42. I simply just didn’t want to go on. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

Big apologies to anyone I have told the Mohican course is well marked. Sorry about that.
As I came into the CB, to head out on the Purple Loop, there was massive complainings about no markings. As I ran the Purple Loop, I was surprised to see this was true. There were only two pie plate markers on the entire course. When you got to the top of the waterfall climb, there was nothing marked to show you to go left or right. There were some other crucial areas, where if you didn’t know the course, you would have no clue. And apparently, there were between 10-30 runners that missed turns and were all over the place.

This is the last year for me at Mohican under the current race director. I haven’t been impressed with much of the race management since he took over, and I will spend my race dollars and time somewhere else. So many races to choose from!!!


I certainly need to finish the Northface Mohican 100 Race this year. Because I am pretty sure I will not return in 2010 for it.

The Mohican 100 has struggled in the last five years of its race existence. Originally (I believe) sponsored by the Cleveland West Road Runners Club, the RD changed hands in 2007. The race was in the red to the CWRRC. The new RD had plenty of issues to deal with that year, and 2008 was an improvement to the 2007 race. It’s been embarassing to be a local runner and brag about your Mohican trails, and then to have the amenities associated with the race to be rather disappointing.

Last week, the order of the loops to be run for the race changed. Not that big a deal, and I actually prefer the order now. But the information was casually mentioned in a email post and nothing posted on the website. There was conflicting information on the web site. That finally has been straightened out.

Today’s change was this. This was an email on the Yahoo! Groups:
“I’ve been checking the website daily for period changes and recently noticed that this has been added. Wow!

NEW FOR 2009! Drop bags will need to be in 2.5 gallon Ziplock Bags
Standardizing the size of the bags this year will help our delivery team and aid station volunteers to better sort bags for racers. Often, racer’s have had many different size bags, some HUGE and others nothing more than a poorly labled cheap grocery bag knotted at the top. Our intention is to standardize the size and make sure ALL racer’s have drop bags that are water resistant. Please pickup the bags you need before you arrive. Thanks for your cooperation.

Where in the heck do you get 2.5 gallon bags this close to the race? Thought I had my drop boxes complete. Guess not!”

Ok. Go over to the website, go to “Mohican Drop Bag and Aide Station” link……and scroll



and then you find the information.

NOW, asking for standardized bags for AS is a great idea!! And I am all for that.

But NOT five days before the race.

In a poorly located announcement.

Now, Ryan says an email will go out to all registered runners today about this.
Guess what.

Regis doesn’t have email. Nor does Gabe. Maryann is on holiday and has no access to her email. What about these folks?? (Oh don’t worry I will tell them).

Ok, my solution to this? Don’t change something five days before the race.

You know when we will know our bib number? When we pick them up at registration. So much for marking your drop bags with all your information.

Since I am on a good rant now, let me give you another piece of advice concerning the pasta dinner Friday night. The ladies church group are not doing it this year. There’s 140 100 mile runners, a bunch of 50 milers, and assorted folks-so say 150 people to serve. I would bring your own dinner with you so you can get food in a timely fashion. I’m just saying.


My drop bags are all packed..although I still don’t know what my bib number is…
All I need to add are my MP3 players and my Garmin, and those will be last second to make sure they are charged.
I have my campground bag ready, with pre-race, race, and post race clothes. Taping equipment for feet packed. In fact, I’m ready to run this race tomorrow.

In case anyone doesn’t read every single fricking email on the Yahoo! Groups, Ryan has changed the order of the loops. Now, everyone, both 50 Miler and 100 Miler, run the Purple Loop before the Orange Loop.

I actually prefer this. You are getting to the Covered Bridge earlier in the day, you aren’t as tired as you will be (compared to several hours later.) The sun isn’t quite so strong as you run up the long Goon Road Section.

What I am not happy about was there was no announcement on the official race website. In fact, it was casually mentioned in a response to an email posting to another runner…I had missed this. The course website now has conflicting information on it. To me, you first update all your data for the website, then post something like “NEW NEW NEW READ THIS! ALL RUNNERS TO RUN THE PURPLE LOOP BEFORE THE ORANGE LOOP” and then make an official email announcement on the Yahoo!Groups posting.

But that’s just me.