I certainly need to finish the Northface Mohican 100 Race this year. Because I am pretty sure I will not return in 2010 for it.

The Mohican 100 has struggled in the last five years of its race existence. Originally (I believe) sponsored by the Cleveland West Road Runners Club, the RD changed hands in 2007. The race was in the red to the CWRRC. The new RD had plenty of issues to deal with that year, and 2008 was an improvement to the 2007 race. It’s been embarassing to be a local runner and brag about your Mohican trails, and then to have the amenities associated with the race to be rather disappointing.

Last week, the order of the loops to be run for the race changed. Not that big a deal, and I actually prefer the order now. But the information was casually mentioned in a email post and nothing posted on the website. There was conflicting information on the web site. That finally has been straightened out.

Today’s change was this. This was an email on the Yahoo! Groups:
“I’ve been checking the website daily for period changes and recently noticed that this has been added. Wow!

NEW FOR 2009! Drop bags will need to be in 2.5 gallon Ziplock Bags
Standardizing the size of the bags this year will help our delivery team and aid station volunteers to better sort bags for racers. Often, racer’s have had many different size bags, some HUGE and others nothing more than a poorly labled cheap grocery bag knotted at the top. Our intention is to standardize the size and make sure ALL racer’s have drop bags that are water resistant. Please pickup the bags you need before you arrive. Thanks for your cooperation.

Where in the heck do you get 2.5 gallon bags this close to the race? Thought I had my drop boxes complete. Guess not!”

Ok. Go over to the website, go to “Mohican Drop Bag and Aide Station” link……and scroll



and then you find the information.

NOW, asking for standardized bags for AS is a great idea!! And I am all for that.

But NOT five days before the race.

In a poorly located announcement.

Now, Ryan says an email will go out to all registered runners today about this.
Guess what.

Regis doesn’t have email. Nor does Gabe. Maryann is on holiday and has no access to her email. What about these folks?? (Oh don’t worry I will tell them).

Ok, my solution to this? Don’t change something five days before the race.

You know when we will know our bib number? When we pick them up at registration. So much for marking your drop bags with all your information.

Since I am on a good rant now, let me give you another piece of advice concerning the pasta dinner Friday night. The ladies church group are not doing it this year. There’s 140 100 mile runners, a bunch of 50 milers, and assorted folks-so say 150 people to serve. I would bring your own dinner with you so you can get food in a timely fashion. I’m just saying.

8 thoughts on “Arghh

  1. Runner Tammy

    I am so sorry.

    I have 2.5 gallon ziploc bags because I put my nasty shoes in them for transporting from events…but that is more because

    I hate dirt on, near or in my feet/toes. So sneakers need a “Biohazard 4” type container to ensure they do not soil the next pair of shoes.

    Springing information on you 4-5 days before a race is definitely inappropriate and I would imagine VERY alarming for a newbie.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you and all the other runners.

    Perhaps in a few days, weeks, months or years this will be a way to start off the description of your 100 mile epic journey:-) But in reality I will hope that this is your biggest snafu/challenge of the event.

    Good luck!

  2. Don:

    I will only use the 2 1/2 gal ziplock bags for my smaller drop bags. I happen to have them so I don’t need to go looking for them.
    However, the CB AS will get my already larger prepared DB.
    Sorry about the purple loop change. That was my doing. However this was decided back in April. I don’t know what took so long in communication.
    Now we need to focus on the true challenge and run a 100 miles.

  3. Kim

    Don I prefer running the purple loop earlier.
    But that’s priceless that this was decided in APRIL and we just heard about it last week.

  4. Mike

    Yeah – quite a bit of craziness a week before the event.

    I feel that drop bags should be what the runner prefers always…standardized drop bags will be so much harder to sort through to find YOURS. Volunteers may not be up to having it ready for you…you may want to find it yourself, etc. AND I agree with the fact that normal drop bags are not just disposable items that make more trash. I have used the same backpack for years.

    Sucks that I am only running the 50 miler this year, but what are you going to do…I guess I can consider it “speedwork” right?

  5. Nick Billock

    I grew frustrated just reading this post. Thinking back to the Kettle less than 2 weeks ago, if I read what you read and heard about these last minute changes, it certainly would have raised my anxiety level. A lot of people use hard-sided containers, back packs, etc. for drop bags which are easy to handle and easy to recognize by the runner when they arrive at the AS. Talk about mass confusion by the worn out runners when they stare down at the sea of identical drop bags wondering where their bag is. I’m not a fan at all of standardization. Plus, what if you can’t fit everything in a 2.5 gal bag? What if you don’t seal it completely on your way out of the aid station, a downpour happens and the insides get soaked?

    Regardless of opinions about standardization or not, this is certainly NOT the time to announce such a change. I’d say to stay the course and stick to your original plan. I expect you will be in the majority. Keep positive and make it YOUR race!


  6. Nick

    I have to totally agree with Mike and Nick B.
    It should be up to the runner.
    Damn it. I was looking forward to the Church Lady dinner!

    I think the Purple Loop change makes sense, and glad they did it that way, but I am still unsure why things are not communicated ahead of time.
    Again, beating a dead horse, I don’t think it was a priority.

    As far as drop bags, I’m leaving a big drop bag at Don’s house just off the Red Loop with a steak dinner and a few beers and maybe a sleeping bag.

    Now, Let’s run this Race!

  7. Don:

    If nick leaves that steak in his drop bag at my house, he might be surprised when he get to it to find zip. You better put the beer in there also.


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