My drop bags are all packed..although I still don’t know what my bib number is…
All I need to add are my MP3 players and my Garmin, and those will be last second to make sure they are charged.
I have my campground bag ready, with pre-race, race, and post race clothes. Taping equipment for feet packed. In fact, I’m ready to run this race tomorrow.

In case anyone doesn’t read every single fricking email on the Yahoo! Groups, Ryan has changed the order of the loops. Now, everyone, both 50 Miler and 100 Miler, run the Purple Loop before the Orange Loop.

I actually prefer this. You are getting to the Covered Bridge earlier in the day, you aren’t as tired as you will be (compared to several hours later.) The sun isn’t quite so strong as you run up the long Goon Road Section.

What I am not happy about was there was no announcement on the official race website. In fact, it was casually mentioned in a response to an email posting to another runner…I had missed this. The course website now has conflicting information on it. To me, you first update all your data for the website, then post something like “NEW NEW NEW READ THIS! ALL RUNNERS TO RUN THE PURPLE LOOP BEFORE THE ORANGE LOOP” and then make an official email announcement on the Yahoo!Groups posting.

But that’s just me.

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