I am in the curious stage of having no goals. I don’t have any target race to work toward; I withdrew from Tom Jennings

Inaugural 100 Mile Oil City Race. I simply do not have the enthusiasm or motivation to enter another race that I cannot finish.

I thought about entering the Groundhog 50K, but I would have to leave late Friday night, probably sleep in my car, and then run a 50K by myself. Again, just not seeing the motivation or summoning up the energy for that. I can stay around here and run a 50K if I like.

About the only sure plans are a relay section of the Akron Marathon, and I am planning on running the Bobcat Marathon on Novemeber 8th.

I haven’t even been for a run. And I really am not upset/worried/caring about it. (Well, actually I had Monday off work, then I worked my 4 10 hour shifts).

I just don’t know what I feel like doing right now. I am kicking around the idea of a Laurel Highlands run, maybe in October. I do feel like exploring some new places, maybe doing some new things. But what new things, I don’t have a clue about either.

I’m still alive and out here. Just kind of apathetic.

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