Catching up

Oh yeah, I got the Akron Marathon coming up here on Saturday. I guess I should try and be more enthused, but…I’m not. Although for pavement, it IS my favorite marathon (not that I have run all that many.) It was my first, and so I have major nostalgia for it. It’s well organized, it takes you over varied terrain so it’s not that boring. I tend to get hungry on these shorter races since they don’t set up buffet aid stations like ultras, so I will have to stash enough food in my pockets to get by.

Marathon goals? Oh, okay, finish under six hours. How about finishing about 5 hours? That would be twelve minute miles. I think I will use that as my goal. I kind of hope it rains, that would make me seem more ultra and miserable like.

Has everyone heard of the two ultra runners that were lost and then found out in California? I am thinking of getting one of these.
Cons: It’s a bit big and bit expensive. It seems like you purchase the unit, then have to subscribe to the service.

Pros: If I carried it (that would be the rate limiting step) I should be able to summon help in an emergency.

I run, almost 99.9% of the time, alone. And I run in woods (and roads.) Now, most of the area that I run in is not that isolated. Although, if I did fall down a hill or ravine in Salt Fork State Park, it might take awhile for someone to reach me.

I am planning on buying a whistle on my trip north tomorrow. (I had one for awhile, then lost it.) A whistle is good to have on any run. Once you’ve lost your voice from yelling for help, a whistle is helpful. Remember “Rose” from the “Titanic” being rescued this way? Anyways, a whistle is a very light item to carry, while the SPOT seems to be a bit more bulky. And I carry plenty of bulky things around (including myself).

Other processes I should implement: leave a better detailed description on where I am running. Maybe I will check out something like and see if it can handle trails. I have been meaning to leave a piece of paper under my windshield wiper stating who I am, what trail I am going to run, and what color clothing I will be wearing, and what time I left for the run.

Other news: We have hot water again!!!!! Our old tank went out on Sunday. We decided to go with the “on demand” tankless hot water system. Living way out here in the sticks, it took a few days to get the system. Once in, it was less than two hours work to install. Now we have (scalding) hot water!!! We’ve never had water this hot here! And speaking of hot water, I’m off to the showers!!

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