Drop Bag Planning

Oil Creek 100 is a loop course. There are only two spots for drop bags, at AS 2 Egbert Farms and AS 4 Titusville Middle School. They are only around twenty miles about, which is fine for a loop course.

I tend to have an overpacked AS bag. Many many times I use little to nothing in the bag. But it is good to have certain items.

First Aid-I have a small bag of drugs. Advil, Tums, ginger, Pepcid, Imodium, spare Endurolytes.
Foot Aid-some lambswool; tape, scissors (do NOT expect the AS to have scissors. While they may have them, it’s amazing how quickly these get lost.) Some duct tape.
Some alchol pads to wipe your feet off, a small towel to quickly clean and dry feet.
Something for chafing-Aquaphor, petroleum jelly, Body Glide, Vitamin A&D Cream.

I have these all bagged up nicely, and then put inside a larger Ziplock bag marked FIRST AID.

Clothing: Since this race is a bit later in the year, it seems that it probably will get cold into the night. You may be sweating. You don’t want that sweat to cool you down to the point of shivering as the temperature drops.
Also, although you don’t want to think of a DNF, it’s good to have dry clothes in your drop bags. You don’t want to sit around an AS at 4am in shorts and wet socks.
I will have clothes in both drop bags: bra,socks, long sleeved shirt, long pants/capris/tights, gloves, winter hat. I will also roll and place each one of these into a Ziplock bag and label the contents. That way, when I am looking for my dry socks at 3am, I will be looking for a small bag labelled SOCKS.

Food: Well, you don’t have to bring any food of your own to an ultra, there is always plenty to eat! However, if you use your own nutrition, like Perpeteum or CLIP or something like that, bag and label it. I usually pack favorite food-it’s a nice pick me up to discover a Twinkie (although mushed) in your drop bag in the middle of a race! In the summer I use Boost alot, it’s easy calories to get down. I will probably have a few cans of Boost in my drop bags. I have also found I like cranberry juice. You can find them in small 6 oz or 8 oz containers, it was a welcome break to drink in the past summer races. Also, for me, I usually am on the brink of a UTI in long races, so the cranberry juice also helps with this. Don’t try this on race day! You would want to know if you could stomach cranberry juice long before race day!
I also wander down the junk food aisle in the grocery store, looking for some treat that will delight me in the middle of the night. Twinkies and Zingers were favs of the summer, didn’t get squished too badly and small enough to cram into your mouth and get down the trail.

Lights: I plan on having a light in each drop bag. Remember too, we are starting the race in the dark, so you can always drop your starting light in the Egbert AS bag. Pick up your light before you need it! It’s going to get dark early, and it gets darker much earlier in the woods.
Spare batteries: Bring them. Put in both drop bags. Batteries last shorter amount of time in colder weather. Put fresh batteries in your lights before the start of the race. Do NOT expect the AS to have any batteries.

Ok, what else? Music! I have two MP3 players, which I will wrap and stow in each drop bag. Having music to look forward to later in the race is a good carrot.

Glasses/contacts: I will have an old pair of glasses stashed in my Egbert Farms drop bag, in case the contacts stop working. I usually don’t carry spare contacts, as I could not face using my nasty dirty hands to put the contacts back into my eyes.

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