The sense of humor returneth

I seem to have emerged from the month long fugue I have been in…

I had a “Sally Field” moment out, in all places, my garden, while picking tomatoes. I’ve been pretty ‘eh’ about the Oil Creek 100 I am signed up and destined to run in, just have had no enthusiasm about. Somehow I was both thinking about it and MMT, and the people that blithely run up and down the hills of Virginia. As the negative thought of “you’re just not good enough” was fogging into my pysche, little bubbly Kimba came out of nowhere (picture the Trail Goddess in pink here) punching the black fog in the face, stating ” gosh darn it, I am good enough”! So much for this “I’m not worthy” bullshit that’s been dragging me down. I’ll run any stupid race I want.

Speaking of races, I attempted to register for the Umstead 100 at noon today. Due to my unspeedy satellite internet connection, by the time I got to the credit card payment (six minutes people!!!!) the Umstead 2010 was full. Apparently it filled in about five minutes.

I’m okay with that. I think it was kismet. Time for the Trail Goddess to move on and find a new race to run.
So I am looking for a spring race. I now work every 4th weekend, so certain races-like Rocky and the Barkley, are out, since those are my weekends to work. McNaughton really doesn’t interest me, as it seems like a giant mudfest. Any other suggestions??

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