Yellow Water Road Run

What a nice day for a run. Since I need to focus on hills, I went down the neighboring side road, Chapel Hill, and eventually made a loop. I have no idea why this road is named “Yellow Water” Road…

I could have also called this post “Abandoned Houses Run”. I just started taking pics of these houses. I’m always interested in pondering about what happened, why is the house uninhabitable.

This one is in the middle of a cow pasture.

This one will soon be taken over by the vines crawling over it..

If you gotta run on roads, these aren’t bad roads to run on! Some gravel, but alot of dirt. “Yellow Water Road” was a very rough road, more dirt than gravel. The road also functions as a creekbed in the right weather.

This was the only house I spotted running on Yellow Water Road. It certainly was an old house.

You can see the solid oak planks. And if you look closely, you can see rough hewn logs used in the foundation.
Yellow Water Road takes you down to the bottom of the valley. I looked over in a ravine and saw it was full of garbage. Most of have been the local dump area. I wonder how old the garbage at the very bottom of the ravine is. There’s probably some antiques down there!

The water didn’t look yellow…
The only sign of life on Yellow Water Road…and it looks like Lane of Lane’s Lane does not want company! I burst out laughing when I saw the “Go Away” sign. As remote as a location as this road is, Lane (he or she) wants their solitude!

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