Cougar Sighting

Oh wait, not that kind of cougar. This kind of cougar…

From the Daily Jeffersonian: A local hunter recently made a startling discovery when he captured a picture of a mountain lion on a field camera set out to capture the movements of white-tailed deer near Salt Fork State Park.
“I had the camera out prior to the start of deer season and when I went to look at it, I notice something had ran by (the camera) real fast,” said Cambridge resident Dale Lyons.
“But, I couldn’t see what it was by looking at it on the camera, so I took it home and viewed it on a large-screen television. That’s when I saw what it was … a mountain lion.”
He said the camera also captured images of coyotes and fox in the area near a pear tree.
Lyons said he showed the picture to local Wildlife Officer Roby Williams, who confirmed it was a mountain lion (also known as a cougar or puma).
“He said it was probably somebody’s pet that got loose,” said Lyons.

I’m still not convinced that this pic isn’t somebody’s kittycat. Look at the size of the weeds in the picture, then look at the cat.

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