Dissing the Slow Marathoner

Ah! The triannual slam on the slow marathoner has resurfaced again. This time it’s an article in the New York times: Plodders have a place but is it in a marathon?

Well this has already been discussed, in Slate Magazine, in 2006: How sluggish newbies ruined the marathon.

I’ve not read through any of the debate about this, although it’s got lots of people upset and defending the pokies. I’m really slow. I don’t really care.

You paid your entry fee for the marathon. You finish in the time allotted. You are a marathoner. Why on earth are these (I’m assuming) faster marathoner uptight about us pokey butts? If you are that embarrassed by that fat man wearing a Columbus marathon shirt cuz you’re faster, then by all means write your 3:15 FINISHING TIME across it. That way, all will be impressed by your fast time and bow down before you.

I bet my friend Tony-and Frank-who just ran sub-three hour marathons at Akron are not bothered by the fact that all three of us can wear an Akron Marathon shirt proudly.

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