The Bucket List

The latest edition of Trail Runner Magazine had a Bucket List Article. I thought it would be interesting to see what I could check off their list.
1. Run the Grand Canyon-have not done this, but would definitely like to do it!
2. Work an Aid Station-been there done that. And if you haven’t, you need to. You need to see the runners on the other side of the table. And, as a runner, I think we have a good insight into helping runners coming into an AS.
3. Run the Classic Races-TR mentions Dipsea, JFK, Golden Leaf Half Marathon, Mt Washington Road Race. These wouldn’t be the “classic races” for me. I will never run JFK, I don’t think the course sounds interesting and the race fee is exorbitant. Classic Races for me would be Massanutten, Hardrock, Highland Sky, and Laurel Highlands.
4. Organize a race. I might like to do this someday. My short term goal is to define a trail on our propoerty here this winter, and have a running party on it.
5. Run shoulder to shoulder with Giants-the article mentions Nikki Kimball, Jurek, Metzler, and Karnazes, among others. Although I’ve only run one race with one of the people mentioned (Nikki Kimball, she won MMTR in 07 when I attempted it) there has been plenty of cool runners. I’ve had dinner with Serge Arbona before Umstead, and Jen Shelton helped us set up the AS for Burning River back in 08.
6. Have a fastpacking adventure-yes, this would be fun sometime.
7. Declare your mission-how will you be remembered? Well, I already write a blog about running. Sometime soon, since I’ve finally gotten the passion back, I will start my trail runnning podcast. I would love to be involved in a local running group for kids, something like Girls on the Run.
8. Pace or crew in an ultra. Ok, been there, done that.Okay, I’ve never actually paced anyone, but since I am slow as molasses, a runner would be hard up to have me as a pacer!
9. Embrace the minimalist spirit-okay, they are talking about dirtbagging-sleeping in your car before a race, etc. Been there, done that.
10. Be one with nature- well of course, isn’t that why we are out there?
11. Do volunteer trail work-heck yeah. You run on the trails you should help maintain them!
12. Hit the gulp..road-well, of course, every run can’t be a perfect trail course. Road runs are neccessary evil.
13. Document your adventures-2 or 3 years of blogging now!
14. Travel to race-it’s a long term goal of mine to run a marathon in every state (as many runners do). I’ve been looking at races outside of the states I’ve already run a marathon or longer in (Nevada, Ohio, West Virginia, Virgina, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana) but haven’t put any races on the calendar for 2010 yet.
15. Go international-I have run roads and trails in beautiful Grenada already! I would love to run the Medoc Marathon-I believe 26 wine tastings along the way!
16. Own your backyard-I’ve run the peaks around here.
17. Host out of towners-hey if some event went on down here, you are all welcome to spend the night. Dennis loves a recent to cook!
18.Take detours-it is always fun to get off the main path (or road) you run to see what’s behind Door # 2.
19. Run Machu Picchu-yeah, that would be fun to do!
20. Do an adventure or multi sport race-that would be fun. No events around here even to learn how to do however.
21. Go long. Real long. Heck, 100 miles isn’t enough? The article was talking about the long trals-The AT, Pacific Crest. Well, who wouldn’t love to? Talk to me in 20 or 30 years when I retire and have the time.
22. Bare it all-hey, I will be a happy camper to get to a weight where I could run in a sports bra and shorts!
23. Do a stage race-something like the Ragnar Relay would be fun to do sometime
24. Declare a cause-I’m not a big fund raiser. I hate begging people for money. So I don’t do it.I run purely for myself. Now, I think it’s great when race proceeds go to a charitiy, and I don’t mind contributing money to other people, but I am entirely uncomfortable asking people for money. So I don’t.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve done Mt Washington but am not interested in the others they mentioned. Laurel Highlands and Massanutten would be cool.



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