Happy Day of the Dead!

19 mile road run. I ran to Newcomerstown, stopped at the AS also known as the IGA, got water, Gatorade, and some potato chips. An okay run. Today’s run was most memorable when two goats accosted me (also a dog.) A woman called out from her yard that they were friendly. I say hello to the goats, eyeing the horns/antlers(?) and resumed my run. The goats followed. Ha ha! A first for me. They followed me a few hundred feet down the road until I was able to lose them.

Today I resolve to begin stretching again! I wore an old pair of road shoes that need to be retired. My hamstrings feel like wooden planks on the back of my legs.

The rest of the fauna encounters were: two cow herds stampeded. I always feel embarrassed when one flighty cow works the rest of the herd into a frenzy.

I also spotted two flocks of turkey, one in a cornfield, the other flock of 13 I scared into flight.

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