Bridge is Closed

Well, this was some bad news to find out about on Christmas:
12/17/2009 11:35:00 AM NOTICE – Effective immediately, the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail Bridge that crosses the PA Turnpike is closed due to structural deficiencies resulting in unsafe conditions. This closure applies to foot traffic as well as snowmobile traffic. This closure could impact your trip planning. Please contact the park directly for further information and assistance. 724-455-3744

From newspaper article:

The department is awaiting the full inspection report before deciding on a course of action, but “it’s probably going to have to be removed and replaced,” Mr. Mumau said. The bridge was erected in the 1970s.

A new bridge would be wider and would have to be designed to accommodate future widening of the turnpike, he said. The area also is prone to high winds and plumes of salt kicked up from the highway for four to five months each year.

Read more: … z0anbO67T1

Rats! This was going to be my spring race for 2010!!! This can’t bode well for the race…the Laurel Highlands Trail crosses the Pa turnpike around mile 38. Maybe the race will stay open as a 50K.

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