Vitamin D Run

I finally got my butt out the door and went to Salt Fork for a run.

Knowing it would be chilly, I decided to bring my new Christmas Snuggie with me on the run. Hey! They take them to football games,I figured a trail run would work!

Well, I decided to leave my Snuggie on the tree branch to retrieve later. Bad idea. Scroll down to end of the post for the sad results…

A gorgeous day to be on the trails! I counted 14 deer in the first mile of the run, and 28 overall! Not bad for 8’ish miles!

Not a bad run for December in Ohio!

As I came back toward my vehicle, I cam across this low spot, which I thought was due to the rains yesterday.

It appears Mssr. Beaver have been busy at work in this sector:

Well, I got back to where I had left my Snuggie. It’s missing! I did see a pile of deer poop under the tree. So, either the deer stole my Snuggie or some human did!!

What kind of person steals a Snuggie? I bet karma determines it won’t keep you warm!!

Okay, just to let you know it did not kill off my sense of humor to have my Snuggie stolen, I had to post this latest bit of tree graffiti:

I saw this and immediatley thought of Mikey and our training runs at Mohican and the road training run..and the road graffiti there.

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