Monthly Archives: January 2010

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Looking at the weather forecast for the weekend, I was glad I decided not to attend any of the numerous FA’s happening this weekend. I just didn’t feel like travelling-any of the races would be a 2 or 3 hour drive.
It’s 1pm here and it’s still not even twenty degrees out. I have a feeling with the temperature, the dog’s normal hike around the estate will be postponed. Our Rottie mix has some problems his paws when the temperature really drops, so we don’t like to take him on an extended period in the extreme cold.
My friend Brian gave me some inspiration, since he 1) actually blogged and 2) Did 1.5 hours on the treadmill at 15% incline. I hopped on the treadmill, where I discovered my treadmill has a maximum of 12%. I did one hour at 12%, with a 3.2 MPH. Then it became much easier to decrease the incline to 1% and get 7 miles in.
I did get a DVR for Christmas, so I was able to watch some taped “Biggest Loser” episodes. I rewatched the marathon episode. For some reason, when I saw this originally, I thought Dan and Helen (?) had completed the marathon in 51/2 hours. This had bummed me out quite a bit! As someone who’s been running 5.5 hour marathon lately, these formerly really fat folks were running as fast as-as an ultrarunner!? As I chugged away on the treadmill, this really was bugging me. Well, the winner of the marathon finished in about 5.5 hours, the last two were around 7+ hours. I noticed the BL runners didn’t even get a medal for their marathon! (Not that they don’t have enough BL logo material for the rest of their lives.)
I also finished up the second half of the movie “Visionquest”, which is an “old” movie from 1985. It’s about a wrestler, Loudon Swain, coming of age and training for the biggest wrestling match of his life. (I cringed when Loudon said he was eating 600 calories a day to drop his weight-yikes!)
This is a great movie! Of course, the clothes and hair cracked me up, since I graduated in this same time frame. If you watch this, you will also see Madonna in a cameo singing in the local bar. And I had to go download Journey’s “Only the Young” to add to my running playlist.