Run for Regis Report January 17

The traditional “Winter Buckeye Trail” has morphed into the “Regis Runs” or “Run for Regis“. This fun run event is put on by Regis Shiver’s friend, Tanya Cady. Money raised by the event goes to the Fisher House, which provides low-cost or free accommodations for family when a veteran is under going hospitalization. (Think Ronald McDonald House for adults).
It is also not held on the Buckeye Trail, due to issues with the ski resort and folks around the Boston Store. Instead, new headquarters were at the Ledges Shelter, with ample parking. The route consisted of two loops: one 8.5 mile and one 5.5 mile. It was up to you to decide what length you wanted to run.
I chose just one time running of both loops. I had not gotten a long run in for a long time, and with being sick the week before, I opted for the 1/2 marathon.
We were off promptly at 730 am; the 1/2 marathon group went left, the 50K starters went to the five mile loop, to ease up on trail congestion.
I promptly ended up running with Sarah, an old running friend whom I had not seen in a year or two! It was great running about a mile or so talking to her. She’s discovered trails and has been enjoying them. I had to stop and adjust my running tights and Sarah ran on. I did then run off and on with two nice ladies who were also new to winter trail running. I had forgotten their names now!!! But I believe I may see them at the Fool’s 50K !

Coming back on the 8 mile loop, I saw my friend Mark Shelton, who was out taking pictures of runners. I stopped to chat with him for probably ten minutes. It was nice just being able to stop and talk, and not worry about time, or be concerned about getting in my 50K!
The out and backs were great, as it gave me a chance to see all sorts of friends that I missed in the lodge in the morning. I was really enjoying myself!

Oh yeah, the course: very nice.Mainly the snow was packed down. Having screwed shoes, I was able to cruise the downhills very confidently. As I neared the end of my little run, the wear and tear on the trail was becoming much more evident; more mud and slush emerging. I was very happy with my decision to stop at 13′ish miles.
Changed into dry clothes, I got my cool purple top and homemade chili and grilled cheese sandwich. I then hung out for about another 2 hours just talking to friends before I reluctantly departed south.
As I got on the highway, just a few miles south, the rain began. I hoped everyone would get their run in before the cool rain began.

Tanya Cady and her volunteers put on another top notch fun run for the annual “Run for Regis“. This event sold out a few months in advance. Look for the announcement in the fall and sign up promptly!

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