February 27

I DNS’d the Spring Thaw Race in Pittsburgh-I did not show. The weather was dicey Friday evening, and since I had never been to the North Park before, I decided to spend my energy closer to home.

So I went to the high school track-and aborted after 1/4 of a turn around the track. I was hoping I could tamp down a path in the snow, but it was all so uneven. I knew, with trying to get a 20 miler in, it wasn’t going to happen there.

So I drove home and got the hydration vest on, and headed out. First five miles on the back country road,full of ice and snow. The township plow truck came by, and I made sure I jumped well into the field away from it. The guys made sure not to hit me.

Only two of the usual four dogs came out to greet me at the top of the hill.

The back road was the most fun part of my run. I then got on the more travelled roads.I was running a normal route that I do-but the first time, in reverse. It was interesting to see new views from this angle.

I really ran out of energy around mile 14. I had turned into the wind. I needed to use my inhaler, but it was in the back pocket on the hydration vest, which I didn’t feel like stopping to remove to get to the inhaler. (It always seems like a no-brainer in retrospect). So the last two miles felt like a death march (especially with a 1/2 mile hill to trudge up.)

I turned off the Garmin in my normal spot, and then started to jog down the hill, 1/8 of a mile to home. I was happy to see Uri and his sons delivering hay to their horses which are being boarded in one of our pastures. I hung out to watch my husband along with the Amish corral and halter the two mules-it was pretty entertaining.


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