Workout on the Siltstone Trail

I got to run on one of my favorite trails, the Siltstone Trail in the Jefferson Memorial Forest, just miles outside of Louisville. It is less than a 20 minute ride from my hotel.
I had high hopes for a nice trail run, sans snow, but even Louisville has been hit.
It was more of a work out than a run. There were some parts where the snow had been tamped down, but up on the ridges there were areas where I was post holing through snow.

About one mile after I started the run, I ran into ED! I knew Ed from Mohican, and Ed lives right around the corner here in Kentucky. We chatted briefly, and he was off on another section of trail. Then, to my delight, he ran up Siltstone and did some running with me!!!
It was great to have company out on the trails. Ed will be at Mohican again, and since I am crewing this year at Mohican, will run into him again. Thanks Ed, for your company today, it was very nice!!!

Ed turned back as I started up the Scott’s Gap Trail, it is a 3 mile loop. This loop kicked my butt! Big climbs. The sun and mild weather was starting to melt some of the snow, so you would think the downhills would be nice to run—but they were getting dangerous. The ground was still frozen, but the thin layer of mud/leaves was totally slick. I found myself running in the snow instead of the mud because the traction was better.

I regrouped after Scott’s Gap for the 6.25 miles back to the Welcome Center where the vehicle was parked. It was kind of tiring, but even hiking was good time on my feet. And even better for my pysche!!!

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