I am Not an Extra Large

I went out after work for a trail run at Salt Fork State Park. I had a new running skirt to try out. My old standby company, Atalanta Athleticwear is shutting down. I’m very sad, because these are the skirts I’ve been running in for the last four years! Quality clothing! (She still has some skirts left, so check it out!)

So I started skirt shopping. I bought a skirt from Skirt Sports. I wondered about the size. I paid attention to the sizing, and decided on an extra large.
The skirt arrived yesterday. Hmm.Looks big. Feels a little loose. I threw it into the running bag anyways.

I started off from the lodge, scaring up the usual gang of deer that hang out here.

I ran down the hill. And the skirt started slipping off my hips.

Sheeesh!! I had to keep stopping, to pull the skirt up. It’s going back to REI after laundering. I need a large. Or maybe even a medium. Maybe I will get two skirts, one in large and one in medium to see which one fits better.

I am NOT an Extra Large!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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