Marathon Planning

Oh yeah, I am running a marathon on Sunday.

It’s the Gambier, Ohio Earth Day Challenge Marathon. I was browsing the website for marathons when The Earth Day Marathon caught my eye. Small, not far from home, and I need a long run. Bingo! I’m in.

It’s looking like 100% chance of rain. That’s cool with me. You know why? Because this is a training run. And it might be raining, all day (or worse, in the dark) when I run my spring goal race, the Laurel Highlands 70 (now 77 mile) run. Tune up the chafing prone areas, remember about running in cold, sucky, epic conditions.

I’m still considering whether to just run with a handheld or wear the Nathan Hydration Vest without the bladder. The vest can hold my gels and whatever else I haul along.

Yes, it’s “only a marathon”. But train in what you will race in. So I’m thinking the hydration vest.

I’m also thinking of a time goal. YES very WEIRD for me! But my last marathon time was so abysmal, and then Akron taunted me with this:

So I am going to run a sub 5:00 marathon.

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