Monthly Archives: April 2010

Landslide Run. Part…4

4 mile run after work. I ran downhill, and started back uphill. I could hear the clacking of hooves behind me, so I knew there was an Amish buggy coming up behind me. I kept running. The buggy caught up with me. I kept running. The buggy pulled ahead, and I slowed to a walk. As we continued uphill, the horse slowed too, so I began running again. I could see some little eyes peeking through the back small window slit in the buggy, so I started giggling and kept running. Uphill! I pulled even with the horse, and kept going. As we neared the top, I pulled away, triumphant!!! I won, by at least six buggy lengths! I turned off onto my side road, as the buggy continued forward, and we all waved to each other.
Did I mention I ran up a hill? Do I just need competition??