Solid Run

Wednesday was my day off this week. I got a good sixteen miler run in. I ran to “town” and back. I needed to pick up my lab results and prescriptions from my doctor, so I felt it would be good to run to the doctor office, and then back home.

Good time. I made it, eight miles to town, a few minutes after my doctor’s office opened for the day. I managed to use their restroom, refresh my hydration pack, pick up my prescriptions, and move back out.

This was an out and back. And there were more climbs going back, then going to town. But I powered up a bunch of smaller inclines.Things that I would have just walked up in the past. Now I am slogging up (not walking, but still with a running stride)these little hills. I’m even slogging up some of the big hills before it turns into a walk.

The determination is there. The running with a focus is there. I’m feeling really good about my goals these days!

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