The Race Director’s 50K Race Report

Rob Powell, the Race Director of the upcoming “Forget the PR” 50K, created an additional race event for the volunteers working his race. We ran a 50K on April 11, which was followed by a catered cookout and complete with buckles for us!

After stashing some aid, as Rob had advised this to be a ‘no frills’ event, I met up with Rob and Michelle arriving. I left early to start out, as I was ‘there’ and might as well run!

My legs were into their traditional DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) from the hilly run at Laurel Highlands on Friday. The idea was to “trick them”. It didn’t work for a long time. Every downhill my quads were hurting and misfiring. I was hoping they wouldn’t lock up on me-where a runner literally cannot walk/run downhill because of the quads. Then, my hamstrings started to protest. The quads managed to pick up some cement along the way and proceeded to fill up my legs with it.

I finished the mountain loop which spins you out to the Covered Bridge. Mike Patton and his wife were our rolling aid station and there was everything under the sun, except ibuprofen! However, there were Anacin Migraine Tablets, which were Tylenol and caffeine, and I took two of those. I think they were magic pills, because once I got up Little Lyons Fall, and started down the dam road, I was feeling much better.
Maybe the little climb up by Mr Avery Ball’s home helped stretch out my legs. As I started the Lodge section, I was feeling good. Rob was surprised to see me getting to the lodge as they were leaving it-I had caught up some time on them.

The quads and hamstring aches and pains settled down in the background. I have a feeling they will get their revenge on Tuesday, but they let me continue.

Paul caught up to me as we started the climb to the Fire Tower, so we kept each other company for a bit and managed to jump off the bike trail as to not get hit by mountain bikers. I had music with me, but I didn’t even think about using it while on the mountain bike trail-those folks are hitting their downhills fast, and you need to be able to hear them.

Last stop at the Covered Bridge again, Mike tells me Paul is about five minutes ahead of me, and I take off through the park. It’s just full of cars and some cookouts are happening-so difficult for a runner to run through there at this time!

Many of the “Forget the PR” course is backwards Mohican 100 course, and the Hemlock Gorge Trail, along the river, is one section. It was refreshing to see the trail from this angle. I was also looking forward to the North Rim Trail (after I got up on it.) Because that trail, in Mo100 Speak, has three climbs. So, in “Forget the PR” speak, I got three downhlls baby!

As I got to the first downhill, I got a treat of a view. With the trees just budding out, I can see the trail spread down the hill and into the distance. It was just awesome. I ignored the stiffening quads and ran! I had music on at this time, and just cranked it up and went! Three nice downhills, in the last 1/2 mile or so of a race, is awesome! In fact, I kept it up running down the park road to the ‘finish line’. I still felt very good and strong as I finished.

Alas, the ribs had been eaten by all the faster runners, but I still had potato salad, baked beans, hot dog, hamburger and a few tasty beverages. Rob presented me with a belt buckle, which tickled me. I’ll have to find a belt now!

The course is in beautiful shape. Even the mud section by the Lodge is drying out. Keep an eye on the weather, though that might change this week!

For you runners in the race next weekend, I will be at the Fire Tower Aid Station waiting for you!

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