Mohican Weekend Recap Part Two

Okay, I’m too chatty to do this in one post..

After a nice afternoon/evening doing absolutely nothing ie lying in a bed, watching trashy TV, I got up early, to go to Mellor’s, for 1.99 all-you-can-eat pancakes…to find them not open.

Doh! I join Eric at McDonald’s, eating second choice pancakes here…better than nothing, I guess.

We get a great group of runners an hour later. Cheryl and I are joining them, an hour or so later, over at the Covered Bridge. This gives us time to kind of bask in the early morning sun, and listen to stories that Roy tells to us.

The runners show up, and I let the first group of “fast runners” to head up to the falls. We’ve been doing a pretty good job of having a seasoned “Mo runner” in each group of runners to lead the way. Cheryl and I get with the next group, as I know there are veteran runners in the next group behind.

It’s the usual merry trek up “Enchanted Valley.” It’s fun to have John with us; he’s running the Mo 50 as his first 50 miler. This whole root climb up the hill captivates him.

The running group changes and merges as we hit the rest rooms at the dam, and we merge with other runners as we climb Goon Road. We veteran Mohican runners share some memories of Mr Avery Ball. (Mr Ball had a trailer on this road. He seemed to always be out, during races AND training runs, giving us a friendly wave and cheer as we went up this steep road. Mr Ball was a milestone for a very long time. He passed away, last year.) As Mark Carroll said, Mr Ball’s trailer, like Mr Ball is not gone, just relocated. It looks like there is a “custom log home” being built in the same location. I hope we get the same friendly karma we always got off Mr Avery Ball as we climbed the hill here..

We all come off the Lyons Fall (purple loop) around the same time (ie faster runner folks got off trail somewhere) so we all start the red section somewhat together. It’s kind of nice, since alot of Mo training runs get separated into smaller running sections quite quickly. In fact, Don Baun, course creator, is leading our little group. So, if we’re all keeping up to Don, we’re doing well!

We get up to Bridle Staging AS area, and I lag behind to see if everyone makes the correct turn. They do, and then I try to make up time on some of them with the first nice downhill run.

I actually catch up because of the horses. It’s a beautiful Sunday, and there are lots of horse folks out on the bridle trails. We are being courteious runners, and stop running to let the horses get around us. That is something I have learned on these trails, in the last few years, that many horses are skittish around people.

All this time, John More has been running around and back and forward. He’s a very talented runner, and fast, but doesn’t want to get lost out here, on his venture at Mohican.

However, at Rock Point, which is most of the runner’s stopping point, which will garner them around 21 miles, John wants to go on for more miles!

Cheryl and I parked farther down the trail. Running the purple loop, then the red-green sections, this will give us 25 miles. John started out with the original runners, so this will give him,or 31 miles or so.

Cheryl, John,and I go on. We give him the race intel, and John starts to think….he’s now thinking about running the 100 instead of the 50 mile race. His running is talented enough to support this..he is a doctor into sports nutrition so he actually knows something about hydration and electrolytes…

SO, we finish up 25 miles in 6 hours something(not bad for a trail run!!!) and I think we’ve got a new runner Hooked up with the idea of running 100 miles… I told John he could curse my name for 40 miles as he finished up his 100 mile run….

As for me, very satisfying run. I hammered the downhills. My quads did not even start to tighten up until right before I finished. I still had good energy going,and legs still felt good, after a cumulative 50 miles at Mohican!

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