20 in 10

It’s the half way point, time to revisit my “20 in ’10” goals….

  • Read one book a week- check. Been doing very well. I bought a Kindle and have been reading away
  • Run a 5K- not yet. Need to start looking around and run one! The original goal was a 30 minute 5 K, but I would like to think I could improve on this!
  • Lose 20 lbs- about 18 lbs lost! Maybe, at the end of this week~!
  • Learn to swim- the local pool is open. I am thinking of going this Thursday or Friday for the first time!
  • Run a marathon/ultra in a new state-would Virginia count? (Again?) I am not so much thinking about travelling just for the sake of a new state. I am, however, planning on running MMT in 2011. My choice of races for the rest of this year are going to be to build on training for MMT 2011. So I may run races closer, or revisit old races, that will help build me for MMT 2011.
  • Leave blogging comments more-I still need to do better at this!
  • Go to wine country with hubby-Check. Well, it’s happening at the end of this month!
  • Implement weight training/core routine-I have started, but need to get better at this.
  • Run 50 Miles at URINEO-still planning on this! This is a December 2010 goal
  • Complete Laurel Highlands 70 Mile Race-planning on finishing this on June 13!!

So that is the first ten goals. I still need ten more to go.

  • Call my mother more. Enough said. Implement!!!! ( just went off and spent 20 minutes on the phone with her 🙂 )
  • Finish the WV Trilogy-my target fall race. It’s a 50K on Friday, a 50 mile race on Saturday, and a 1/2 marathon on Sunday
  • Get my podcast going. Once upon the time, I was half of a successful podcast. I’ve been planning on doing another podcast on trail running-solo. It’s time to get back to this.

So I need seven more. Still thinking about them! Any thoughts??

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