4 AM in the Morning

Dan and I at the overlook, around mile 7?

Did I run yesterday? Oh yeah, I did. During all the torrential rain, I got 4 miles in on the treadmill and watched “You are What you Eat”.

The early morning rain storm woke me. My thoughts turn to my race…in five days. In some ways, I am more uneasy about this race than my previous Umstead and Mohican attempts. Or maybe I’m just not remembering the uneasiness. This race is “only” 77 miles. That is usually, at Mohican, where I get timed out, around the 75 mile mark, in about 24 hours. And the race limit for this 77 mile race is 24 hours. But this is a much tougher course. But more of it is runnable. But how can I compare two race courses. It’s apples and oranges.

Then I think about the bus drive to the start. It’s a point to point race, so there is 1.5 hour bus drive. I don’t do well on mass transportation, that’s usually when I get a panic attack. So I resolve to bring a Xanax along. Well, great, that will take care of the panic, but then I will be sleepy and sluggish at the start of an all day race. Oh, I resolve to bring a can of ice cold sugared Coke and start sipping on it as we near Ohio Pyle, to counteract the drug, if I need to take it.

What else did I think of? Oh right, race goals. My plan is to finish the race. Beat the cutoffs. Then I start thinking about “B” goals: maybe be at certain places at certain times? All I can think of is I want to get through the ski resort in the daylight. (I know where this stems from, during the Slim Pickins FA last fall, I was trying to get to the ski resort with some light left.) Well duh, Kim, the ski resort will be mile 26 during this race, I sure hope you make it there in daylight! But I might as well leave that as a goal!

An aside on race day goals: most people have several goals in mind for a race. “C” goals usually mean what you are planning to do, like finish the race. A “B” goal might be something a little loftier, like a time to beat, or maybe to record a new “personal record” on the course. An “A” goal may be that “pie in the sky” where everything falls into alignment, where you BQ a marathon, or win the race….or it might be just simply finishing the race.

I eventually got back to some sleep. I’m still just slightly wired for this race. Since this is a new race for me, I don’t have any preconceptions. I’ve stepped outside of my comfort box. I feel up for the challenge, and ready for it. I just wish it was tomorrow and I could get the waiting over with!!

From the epic Slim Pickins 2008 version, I believe we will have slightly less snow on the trail.

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