Help Me Win A Scale!

Cuz I don’t obsess enough with my old Tanita…

My friend Ray has done another excellent in-depth review of the Withings scale. When he does these reviews, the gear is usually returned to the company. However, this time, the company told him to keep the scale, so he decided to spread the love and is giving it away!

The terms of his contest were simple: one entry for a comment on his website; another entry for following him on Twitter: dcrainmakerblog; and a third entry for mentioning him on the blog.

You really should go check out Ray’s blog. He writes in depth review of gear; detailed, awesome race reports, and fabulous photography. Ray is a hard core triathlete. By hard core I mean he got hit by a car in his last event and still managed to finish the race! He is also a foodie and looks like he makes some mean looking food! The pics of the food are great!

Uh, so I guess there’s really nothing you have to do to help me win a scale, besides maybe introducing you to another great athlete and blogger out there!

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