MMT 2011

You all know about the comfort zone.
That’s where most ultras take place.
Running ultras is all about staying in the comfort zone.
All our strategies revolve around staying in the comfort zone.
All our advice is about staying in the comfort zone;
"Start slow"
"Walk every uphill"
"Don’t take any chances"
For all the talk about exploring human potential, and seeking our limits, Ultrarunners tend to play it safe.
They line up "challenges" they know they can finish.
And run them carefully
Well within their "limits".
We believe that success is never failing.
At the Barkley success is about over-reaching our abilities,
and living to tell about it.
Sometimes success is getting your ass out alive.
Some people "get" the Barkley. Some don’t.
But the Barkley is all about leaving the comfort zone.
The Barkley is about taking our chances with failure.
True success is not the absence of failure,
It is the refusal to surrender.

                 -From Laz, Race Director of the Barkley

This is mainly aimed toward me, as I contemplate MMT 2011. I waver between thoughts of not being good/tough/fast enough to contemplate finishing MMT 2011;  then I read something like this (again)  and realize I do need to step out of my comfort zones. If I don’t push myself to bigger and better things,I’ll never get bigger or better.

I like challenges. I sometimes (and frequently) don’t like the failures that follow. Sometimes I don’t handle them very well. But this post by Laz made me realize that sometimes success does not mean not failing. Like Laurel Highlands this year. It was a DNF for me, but I was satsified with my performance. I reached! I worked outside of my comfort zone a little!!!

Okay, I’ll need to revisit this post on my next wavering of MMT lol.


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