More Race Ruminating

I’ve enjoyed my work schedule this week. I am working the 11am to 9 pm shift, which I usually don’t like, but I am enjoying this sleeping in! I am getting lots and lots of sleep. I haven’t run since Sunday, and with this rain, I won’t run until Saturday morning.

Race! I’ve printed out the rest of the elevation profile. I’ve kind of split the race up into several blocks in my head.
Ohiopyle to Seven Springs Ski Resort-miles zero to 26. The section I know best. The 50K racers stop at Seven Springs.
Ski Resort to Bridge Closing and Detour-miles 26 to 38.
The Detour-8 miles of the great unknown!
Miles 38 (just the other side of the turnpike, back to the mile markers!) to the finish. I’ve only run this section once, in 2007, in a full blown snowstorm.

I need to knock the dried mud off my trail shoes. Maybe even take the inserts out and get the crud off them.

I will buy a “trail treat” to put in my drop bag. I think these will be Little Debbie Choclate Creme Pies or brownies-items, that if they get mushed, will still be fine to eat. (And with buying a dozen, I can tempt my runner with the leftovers next weekend at Mohican!)

I just checked the weather again, around 75/62 at Seven Springs…

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