Look at thosy rosy cheeks! No makeup needed on the trails, indeed!

I didn’t get out for a trail run until noon. I had domestic duties to attend to, at home. But with the cold front that went through, heck, it was only 80 F or so and low humidity at noon-that’s some nice temps these days!

A very nice trail run. It was around 8.5 miles long, this perimeter run on my “normal route” at Salt Fork. I run it so I hit the campground bathrooms about mile 5 for water replinshement.

So I finish the run. And I’m not very tired. At all. Which means, it tells me, I need to kick it up a notch. I should be tired after 8 miles of trails.

It’s time to train, folks! Time to get a little faster, so I’m a little more tired on this normal trail run!!

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