Gorgeous Day Out There!!!

You don’t get to choose your days off…well, I have lucked into some nice weather for my 4 day weekend. I slept in a bit, then got out for a run around 1030. The humidity seemed nil, and the temps, while warm, was still so manageable.

I did a short run, my 6.4 mile ‘around the block’ to test out some new trail shoes.
These are the discontinued Montrail Vitesse:

So why do I have a brand new pair of a discontinued shoe model?

Way back in 2007, I signed up for Massanutten. This was pre-lottery, all you had to do was sign up. I bought these Montrail Vitesse with the idea of wearing them on the tough Massanutten rocks. Then, when someone at work quit, my weekend training schedule was blown to bits. I withdrew very early from the race since I knew I had no chance to train well for the race. And the Montrail Vitesse shoes sat, in the very back of my closet.

Since I’m running The Ring in September, this seemed to be the perfect time to dust off these new shoes. And since I will be running at Cooper’s Rock State Forest where the trails are quite rocky, I am taking them along with me.

So I decided to give the shoes a shake down “trail run” today. My back roads loop is more of a dirt/gravel road than pavement. I wanted to make sure these shoes wouldn’t cause blisters or any other issues.

The Vitesse is kind of a clunky shoe. It has this strange little design feature, this form fitting internal bootie. I had to tighten up on the laces to minimize heel slippage, but that was all. My feet felt a bit warm in them.

And my, what a gorgeous day for a run! Fluffy puffy white clouds in a blue sky. Breeze blowing. Flocks of finches in the thistles. Butterflies munching on horse patties in the road. I truly appreciated the scenery and beauty out there. I’m so lucky to live out in the country. One vehicle encountered in my 1.5 hours out there.

20 in 10 Update

I returned home. I decided to go to the town pool, to work on my swimming. This is one of my “20 in 10” goals. I found my goggles (and bathing suit) and after showering off the run, went to town to the pool.

It wasn’t crowded, which was nice. But I immediately noticed my shoulder issue.

I fell, at the Laurel Highlands Race, in June. I took the brunt of this on my right side. At the time, I had some sharp pain in my shoulder. It has lessened, although I have not been able to sleep with this right arm under my pillow as I like.

It was immediate apparent that I still have an issue going with the shoulder (maybe rotator cuff) as I attempted to swim, and use that range of motion.

I managed 7 laps. As a non-swimmer, I think I did okay. I think I need some help. I don’t have the breathing down at all. And the shoulder kept hurting. I stopped quite early because I didn’t know if this swimming would be actually helping or hurting the issue. I may look into a co-worker (she’s a lifeguard) maybe helping me learn how to put my face in the water properly.

But hey! I’m working toward that goal now!!!

Blackberry Season Continues

I returned home. The weather was still fabulous. I decided to go pick blackberries still in the damp bathing suit, since the weather had not gotten out of control. The husband and dogs joined me, and I picked yet another 4 cups or so of blackberries. This has been our best season yet. We’ve had just enough rain, at intervals, to get the fruit out there.

A very enjoyable day off. I’m now packing the vehicle for the running/camping weekend at Cooper’s Rock State Forest West Virginia tomorrow!

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