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Well, it appears I am in “The Ring”. What is this? Well, it’s kind of a Fat Ass Run…except with support. It’s a race…kind of. It’s more of an event, maybe?

This is a club event, members only, of the Virginia Happy Trails Club. It’s a 70 mile run on the Massanutten Trail…you know, the same trail that the Massanutten 100 Trail Run is on. But it’s only 70 miles. Not 100.

I’m really afraid I’ll get my ass handed to me on the course out there and be embarrassed to return.

So I’ve been back to training. The week in summary:

Took Sunday off after running 45 miles on Saturday.

Ran Monday on the treadmill. Trying to get DOMS out of legs. Very slow.

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles on the roads after work. Slow.

Wednesday: husband informed me that friends down the road were coming over after work. I didn’t have time (after a 10 hour workday) to fit a run in. I was relieved. I was just beat after working all day and then running. But I also knew if I didn’t start getting mileage in, I would be fretting about that.

Thursday: Day off from work. Slept in! Due to that, I didn’t get out for a run until noon. Since we’ve been in a heat wave, I waved off the 11 mile loop on the roads for time on trails. I ran/hiked 7 miles on trails. It was hot, but the tree coverage made it bearable.

Friday: Luckily I had already decided on a treadmill workout before I even saw the heat index was something ridiculous like 100. I did one hour on the treadmill, walking, at a 10% incline. I gradually increased speed to 3.5 MPH. This is harder than it sounds peeps!

So I did get a pretty good week of training in toward the Ring. Not a lot of time to train toward it. I’m going to focus on getting some weight off (I lost 3.5 lbs of the vacation weight so far) eating clean, and getting good workouts in. This coming week should really rock with workouts!

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