24 (or 25) Miles at Mohican

I got to the Covered Bridge a little late..to find Terri Lemke and Mark Lemke there. Where were my friends from WV, that were up here, camping at Mohican? We decided they either overslept or were eating pancakes at Mellor’s and took off on the Purple Loop without them.

Right on the Lyons Falls trail, as you start out, are some real muddy spots. The Mohican Trail Club has built these nice little wooden crosswalks across the areas. Terri and I carefully avoided them and walked in the mud. With the humidity, and recent rain, the boards looked really slick!

The loop to the Lodge was fine. We actually ran into another runner, who we kind of recognized (he had a “Forget the PR shirt on) but didn’t know his name. We rehydrated and started on the orange loop.

The orange loop, starting out of the Covered Bridge, has some cursed climbs. This is the reason I wanted to run the orange loop. I reminded myself of this as we climbed. Terri and I chatted and chatted, and before we knew it, we were at the intersection of the “old orange loop”-and most of the hills were completed.

As we headed toward Hickory Ridge AS, there was still fog swirling around us at 10 or 11 am! Now that’s humidity!!

We picked up Mark Lemke at Hickory Ridge, who ran the rest of the loop with us. I was beginning to get pretty tired on the downhill here; the heat and humidity was doing a number.

We got water at the Camp Office, at the campground, and started on the North Rim Trail, which is “only” one mile long, but with three short but steep climbs. These were tolerated, and we then hit the last section before the campground.

Mark and Terri got ahead of me, but slowed up and we hit the campground together. We got to witness some f-bombs with some sort of family altercation going on (at a camp site, not Terri and Mark!), and then the Covered Bridge FINALLY came into view!

Mark and Terri ran across the Covered Bridge, where our vehicles were parked, and I went directly into the Clear Fork River. While the water wasn’t that cold, it was a bit refreshing when I sat down in the river.

When I posted and decided on what loops I wanted to run, I really wasn’t thinking about mileage. I was more thinking about where water could be had on this route. So, somewhere during the run, when Terri mentioned we’d be doing 24 or 25 miles, I was kind of startled, I didn’t remember (or think about) the orange loop plus the North Rim Trail plus the Gorge Trail through the campground!

So another good week of mileage. 59 miles last week, and 51 miles this week!

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