Getting My Head Around It

I’ve got a race this weekend.

Well, okay, not a race. A FatAss. An event.

An event which encompasses the entire 71.1 miles of the Massanutten Trail.

Sigh. I’m really in over my head. Or at least that’s the why I feel. The more I read, the more frightened I become. (Then Kim, stop reading!!!!)

Tonight I went over the map, to refresh some of the names. Signal Knob. Veach Gap. Camp Roosevelt. Lots of labels with “Mountain” on them.

Tomorrow I am off work. I need to pack my clothes for the run; my single drop bag I am allowed. I need to look over the map some more. I need to laminate the MMT Trail description (which is backwards to the direction we’ll be running, I guess that will keep me alert!)

I need to get up around 3am on Friday to meet Slim over at New Stanton, PA, for the rest of the trip south. I’ve agreed to a orientation run/hike at Bird Knob, since I won’t get ‘enough’ of the MMT Trail on Saturday and Sunday.

I’m seriously out of my league with this run/event.

But, as I contemplate what I just typed, how do I get any better? I like to be familiar with a trail. How do I get familiar with a trail? I gotta get out on it.

I’ll be the slowest runner out there. I know that. That doesn’t bother me, so much, as the much more talented runners bound up the trail, out of sight, within the first 1/2 mile of trail.

But I really hate to tie people up. To make folks wait for me. That’s my biggest issue with being the slowest runner out there. I hate that people, the RD, the timer, the last AS workers, have to wait until I come by.

So I am hoping the folks of VHTC will tell me when I need to stop. I don’t want them to be waiting on one poor slow runner who has fallen way behind the curve.

I also am not planning on quitting.

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