I’m Back!

I’ve been in *internet hell* for the last ten days. We exceeded our “allotment” of XX bytes or whatever from our satellite ISP. So when this happens, they impose a rolling 30 day blackout. Whatever that means. What it has meant is, we’ve been on a ‘dialup’ speed. Which has meant I’ve been able to read emails first thing in the morning. The dialup internet would not even connect for me in the evening. Frustrating.

So as a quick catchup:

I’m working an Aid Station at the Cheat Mountain Moonshine Madness 50 mile Run, in Beverly, West Virginia, this Friday night. Friday night? Yes, Friday night! Race starts at 9 PM. This is an all night run around Cheat Mountain. The race course is a lollipop, so runners will come through my AS twice, first around 10-1130 pm, then 4-7 am (ish). I plan on serving hot homemade (vegan friendly) potato soup. With the weather temps going to be in the fifties, I think the runners will appreciate this!

The Ring: This is a FA Event from the Virginia Happy Trails Club. 70 miles of the Massanutten Trail. Harder or easier than the MMT 100? God, I hope not! As Slim says, I am running the Ring as some homework for MMT 2011. And if the Ring wasn’t enough, Jim Harris will do some climbing over on Birds Knob on Friday, before the Ring starts on Saturday. Goals for the Ring: 1) Not to die. 2) Finish. Simple enough!

After the Ring, it will depend on how I feel and domestic guilt whether I run the Groundhog 50K (my favorite 50K) the next weekend.

The next weekend after that is the YUT-C!!!!! That I am registered and cleared to run.
Then, the next weekend, the Akron Marathon. I am planning on breaking 5 hours in this race.

Then, it should be a taper down to the fall goal race, the West Virginia Trilogy!

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