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August Run

August run means hot temperatures and high humidity. Since I decided to sleep in, I didn’t get my butt out the door till after 930 am to run.

I like being an ultra runner. It means I can have a full breakfast and still go off and run right afterwards. I had an egg, tomato, and Ezekiel Bread if you’re interested.

I was happy to step on the scale today and see I have shed the ‘vacation pounds’ *8* that I had gained. I’m now back to 20 lbs gone, and am working on more.

It was tough conditions out there, did alot of hiking. My clothes were totally soaked through, even the skirt, by the time I finished up.

I was really tempted to take a dip in the lake. But it’s about the temperature of bath water, then I would smell like algae, on top of sweat. So I by passed that.

This is actually the secret entrance to the bridle trail. There’s a deer path through here.

So, 7.6 miles down for the day. Training (and eating) has been going well!


I had a nice little victory yesterday, during my run. I went out for a 6.4 mile run around the block. It was early, and already hot and muggy. I am wearing my hydration vest, since this is a bit longer run, and I wear the vest on any run over 4 miles, to just get used to the weight.
As I ran, I realized I didn’t feel that good. I did have a quick snack of a graham cracker and peanut butter a few minutes before leaving the house, but the calories on Sunday had been earlier in the day. Also, I was sucking both air bubbles in with water with the tube on the hydration vest. I was getting air in my stomach, which seemed to make the water bounce around and really nauseaute me. So I felt like crap. But it’s a loop, so on I went.

I was about mile 6, and thought ” what a bad run”.

About two steps later, I had another thought. No, it wasn’t a bad run. I felt bad, that’s for sure. Physically. But the run was fine, especially since I finished up in around the exact same time that I always run this loop. I felt bad, and had an uncomfortable run due to feeling nausea, but the run itself was fine. I immediately felt emotionally better about the run, and much brighter about the oncoming day.

This is called reframing. Weight Watchers uses this as a teaching tool.

To reframe, step back from what is being said and done and consider the frame, or ‘lens’ through which this reality is being created. Understand the unspoken assumptions, including beliefs and schema that are being used.

Then consider alternative lenses, effectively saying ‘Let’s look at it another way.’ Challenge the beliefs or other aspects of the frame. Stand in another frame and describe what you see. Change attributes of the frame to reverse meaning. Select and ignore aspects of words, actions and frame to emphasise and downplay various elements.

So instead of labelling “the run” as a negative factor, as “bad” I put the negative thought where it belonged, just an honest description of how I felt. I hardly ever feel ill on a run, and hardly ever have nausea. But there’s certainly nothing wrong with stating “wow I feel like crap, like I feel like puking”. But that took the negativeness, (and like the run was a failure in some way) out of the run. I then felt very good about the run! Despite an upset stomach!

As an aside, I felt fine after the run.

Oh! As a postscript, I DID pick up the handweights when I returned home. I did one set of three excercises for my upper arms, really just to see how my right shoulder would fill. So I think, by calling myself out, helped!

Apathy Toward Weight Training

I’m calling myself out on weight training. Despite it being a “20 in 10” goal, I just haven’t started it. I did do some core work under Lloyd’s instructions, but have since fallen off the wagon.

Why? I actually like to weight train. What’s so hard about it? Why can’t I get going?

I like muscles. Especially shoulders and upper arms on women. Remember Linda Hamilton in T2? There’s nothing sexier than her jacking that shotgun one handed!

I got upper arm jiggle going on. Yuk.

And the health benefit! One, I’m a runner. I need core strength. (I’m lumping core and weight training together here.) I need my upper body to be strong to carry me many miles through the woods.

Two, I’m an “aging female”. I’m losing muscle mass. I need to keep working on the muscles to keep them!

This post was just jotted down yesterday. And this morning, as I drink my coffee and surf the net, I found this!

Jamoosh over on his blog has thrown down a Core Workout Challenge. Perhaps this is what I need, a schedule and folks to keep me accountable!
So it appears Core Work training begins Monday August 16!

Celebrate Summer!!

It’s August…already!!! Get out there and enjoy the weather folks! I know it’s been very hot and humid on most days, but you know what? You’re not wearing mittens and a down coat!

This weekend was perfection for summer. The humidity was lower, which helped. The temperature was only in the 80s F, which also helps. Sky blue, white puffy clouds, the cicadas buzzing in the trees, the goldfinches dive bombing in the thistles.

Being a year round runner I get to observe nature up close and personal. It’s fun to run by the same areas, and observe the differences. Right now, the “surprise lillies” or “naked ladies” flowers are blooming in the yards.

Apples are starting to turn red. Most trees look laden…the deer will be eating well for a short time…
Corn is tasselling…many fields are mown and hayed for the second time of the year.

And I did spot a few leaves starting to turn red!!!

Trail Run Sunday

Since we didn’t go up north for a family get together (the husband has a cold that he doesn’t want to spread to his brand new baby niece) I decided to spend the morning running.

So off to Salt Fork I went. The temps were just in the high 60’s just starting to rise.
My left hamstring felt very tight and sore as I broke into a run. I was hoping it would feel better in a few miles. I had a climb starting almost immediately, so I felt that would warm it up.

We had several bad thunderstorms in the previous week, but we’re almost in drought situation here, so the water just runs off. Except in certain spots on the bridle trail. I tried to run through such a spot, and got glued to the mud. Good thing I’ve been tightening up on the shoe laces, or I would have just ran right out of my shoes.

It was hot in the exposed areas, but cooler in the trees. Fresh horse poop on the trail warned me of riders out in front of me, and they had pretty much spooked any of the deer around.
A slow, nice run in the woods. I need to make a note of trail mileage. This was the purple bridle trail, doing the “outer perimeter” as I call it. Around 8 miles for this loop.
End of the trail, or at least for me. You leave the bridle trail for a ‘deer trail’ which will lead you into the parking lot.

My right foot, on the bottom and outside is aching a bit. It’s been acting up that way kind of all week long. At least tomorrow is a day off from running, so maybe the foot will feel better. I’m looking forward to sleeping in just a bit tomorrow. I’ve been hitting the training hard, and getting a little sleep deprived because of it. This week is a different work schedule, so maybe I can get a few more hours shut-eye-and still keep the mileage up. The Ring is almost upon me. Not many training days left!

Long Run Saturday

A beautiful day for a long run. I was expecting high temps, so I was up by six AM, and out the door around seven. The weather was beautiful. 60 degrees!!!!

Fog prevented more pics from being taken.

I do live in the beautiful country, and I ALWAYS appreciate it. Years ago, I would be driving down Interstate 77, through this region, and think how pretty and pastoral it was. Never knew I was destined to live here!

Early miles went by uneventful and with no problems. The Great Dane that is the same height as me was not out. (It’s kind of disconcerting to be eyeball to eyeball with a loose’s good that he’s friendly).

This was a road run. I had water and Gatorade seeded from the day before. When I hit the turn where I could either run to the Gnadehutten cemetery, I was actually okay on water, and eliminated about 3 miles from the run.

I was having no issues so far in this run. About this time, around 11 miles, which I call the “turn around point” my hamstrings woke up and complained loudly about being subjected to running on roads. In fact, they started to sulk and stiffen up. My 12 minute miles, on hills, were quickly turning into 13 minute miles-on level ground, along the river.

Still, nothing to do but soldier on. I went up my one mile hill, wondering why some folks in cars couldn’t give me but a foot clearance when there were no other vehicles in sight.

I found myself taking pics of the random barns, both deserted and in use on this run. While there were many picturesque views, most didn’t really translate to the camera.

These goats were quite handsome though. Two came running up to their fence as I came through.

Aren’t they cute? I love their beards!

As time wore on, the day warmed up. I was running much of the time in the shade, which I was grateful for. In the last few miles of the run, I switched from podcasts, over to running music, to get me through the last few miles back to home.

Of course, when you are near to home, you know your running route and exactly how far you have to go. My course today dumps me on the State Route that I live on for the last two miles back to home. This includes a 1/2 mile hill, and NO Berm, as you can see below:

Yes, there is supposed to be a white line painted here, but it’s faded. But it’s right on the edge of the blacktop.

Random Encouragers

When I ran my 6.4 mile loop the other morning, I ran into the milk man. He drives a truck, picking up goat milk from the farmers in the area. The Amish farmers were lugging traditional white milk cans, like these:

out to the truck. I am very intrigued. I am wondering where the goat milk is off to.

Anyways, the truck driver of the goat milk gave me a thumbs up as he passed me on that morning.

And I saw him again, this morning, as I started out. And he gave me a thumbs up again. And he probably has no idea how encouraging, how great, that little gesture made me feel. We connected and he gave me kudoes for what I was doing out there. Just a simple little gesture. That’s all it took, to give me good vibes and mention here on the blog!!!


My hamstrings were killing me. I was starving. I first took a shower, then ate 1/2 a Kashi Veggie Pizza, then drove my course to pick up my water bottles and get ice. The ice bath didn’t really hurt sitting down into it (doesn’t hurt that the temp is 80 degrees out). I also drank down a Recoverite when I returned home.

I also stretched. I need to get back to stretching. I like to stretch, and actually have a 10-15 minute routine of stretching. I’m very flexible, for my age, and a runner. I would like to keep that. It seems like most of the time I’m on a time constraint, but I know I always have ten minutes (hey I get to work 10 or 15 minutes earlier every day, I could use that buffer) to stretch.

Mileage: I’m at 51 miles for the week. Very pleased with that. I’m not sure what I will run tomorrow, as we may go north for a family outing, so playing that by ear. I am feeling a bit more confident about getting some miles in for my next event, which is fast approaching.

Little Victory

The lightning woke me early this morning. The rains started soon after, a torrential downpour. I rolled over in bed, thinking “well, I’m not running outside today”.

Isn’t that great? Since I do have the luxury of my own treadmill, I didn’t think about bagging the run, just moving the location due to the weather.

Of course, it’s now two hours later, and the storm has passed. I am planning on running outside. It’s 72 degrees, and the humidity feels like a tropical rain forest out there. OH well!!! Still better than donning running tights, multiple shirts, ski mask, etc..!

Cheat Mountain Moonshine Madness

I have been cleared to go and volunteer at Cheat Mountain Moonshine Madness on Friday, August 27. This is a West Virginia Mountain Trail Runner Club Event; held outside of Beverly, West Virginia. This is an all-night run, starting at 9pm! I happen to be off that Friday and Saturday for work, so I am going to travel down and help out.

If anyone would want to join me, that would be cool! Race ends around 9 or 10 am on Saturday, so you would be home Saturday afternoon/evening or so.

Future Events

September is a great month for ultra running!

I now have Saturday, September 18, off so I can attend the Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic, usually referred to as the “YUT-C”. I’m very happy about that, since I missed it last year due to having to work.
I’m conflicted over the other two open dates in September. My favorite 50k, the Groundhog 50K is September 11. I will be running the Ring the weekend before that (70 miles.) I’m not sure what kind of shape I will be in, so I don’t know if I will be able to run the Groundhog 50K.

Looking at the next date, the Akron Marathon, I think I may run it. It’s two weekends before the WV Trilogy. And besides, they sent me the little taunt postcard about my time, which is on my bulletin board right in front of me!