The 11 mile around the block got started later, around 8 am. Hot and muggy, as all runs have been lately.

This is the climb to the highest point on my run. The running gods smiled on me today, and provided a light breeze when I got up on the ridgeline. Despite it being very hot, I do remember this same run, in February, with a wind. I was worried about hypothermia and getting my arms frozen, due to lack of a windbreaker!

On top of the ridge, I spotted this pasture buster as he climbed through the fence! Busted!!!

View from top of the ridge.
Despite the heat, my run was going quite well. I was hitting the downhills much more quickly (and it is a hily route)

and I seemed to be running a bit of the smaller inclines more than usual. I still wasn’t putting that much additional effort into the run. Perhaps a few more pounds off the body does improve speed.

I took a quick stop into Peoli Cemetery to see if anyone had left baseballs at the Cy Young grave.

No, not this week.

As I got to around mile 9, I did see that my time for this run was improving. And if I could remember, I usually finish up this loop in around 2.30. So I made a conscious effort to hurry. Not the easiest thing to do, as I finish up the run on the state route, with no berm, and several very good blind spots. Twice I had to jump into the high weeds due to 2 vehicles on the road at the same time.

But I still PB’d the run! (Personal best!) 2.20.43, which is a 9.03 minute improvement! I shaved around 40 seconds or so off each mile! Well done!

Check your equipment before you head out. I kept feeling a funny spot on the bottom of my foot. I thought perhaps the sock had gotten folded over. When I stopped for water, I took my shoe off to investigate:

Argh! I didn’t even notice, putting the socks on! Check your equipment, people, before you head out!!

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