Pics of Yocum Trail-Cheat Mountain

Doesn’t this trail look great? Nice scenery, or what? Too bad the runners didn’t see any of it…..

Since the race started at 9 pm, this was all dark and outside their small globe of light which was their world.

Since I was just volunteering, I went for a 2 mile out and back on the Yocum Trail, which is the first trail the runners encounter, after their 12 mile climb on a dirt road up Cheat Mountain.

It’s a gnarly trail. Rocky and rooty. Twists and turns. Nice soft spongy footing. Lots of wet parts and stream crossings. As I ran this, I remembered how difficult it was at night, only seeing a few feet ahead. I was glad I was only volunteering!

Aid Station Report to come soon. I’ve had about 1 hour sleep in the last 36 hours. Time for dinner now!

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