A Tale of Two Shoes

Actually, it’s a tale of two pairs of shoes.

I mentioned having a brand new pair of Montrail Vitesse, purchased in 2007 for my first thought of a MMT race.
I’ve never mentioned the other pair of Montrails I bought, via www.steepandcheap, a pair of Montrail Nitrus. I think I paid around 40 dollars for them. I wore them, once, and they seemed to cause an ache to my ankle. So I immediately consigned them to the closet.

This past summer, I got the Vitese out and ran in them. They seemed fine, a bit warm.

Somewhere, along the way, the Nitrus crept out of the closet too. And somehow, (since the Vitesse were out of sight, out of mind) I thought the grey/red shoe was the Vitesse.

I wore them several times, in West Virginia, and on trails around here. Wow, these seem good to go. I congratulated myself on having a second trail shoe option.

So, today, I was looking for the Mizunos, for the YUT-C 50K this weekend. I go into the closet, and find the Mizunos.

Then I also pull out the Montrail Vitesse. Huh. Well, this is not the shoe I think it is! AND I pull out the Montrail Nitrus. Which, two years ago, hurt my ankle, but now, in 2010, I’ve been running very well in it. LOL.

SO it appears I have two very capable trail shoes to run in. So why is this disappointing? Because I want to buy new running shoes, darn it!!

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