FAA Road

The FAA has a right of way, a road, through our property. The road leads to a VOR Navigational beacon on the adjoining property. The gravelled road is gated and locked. It was where I first began my work out journey. Back in the day, I would walk the road about three times almost every day. Just walking-walking people!!!-and watching portion size (ala WW) helped me shed 75 pounds.

I returned to the road yesterday as a new source of working out. The road was re-gravelled last year, with some large, #1 gravel. What is #1 gravel? Well, larger rocks. Kind of uncomfortable to walk on. When we accompany the dogs on the daily hike around the property on the road, we try to find the most settled part of the road.

My road workout is to walk over the rough section of the rocks, and improve my speed over time.
So I set out in the morning, armed with the Zune and podcasts.

It turned out to be rather uncomfortable and tedious. I was glad to have the podcasts to listen to. The footing is not that stable (I was wearing trail shoes) and it was slow going. I walked for 54 minutes, 2.9 miles. Now I have a baseline established, time to go about improving on this.

A few hours later, at work, my lower back was very tight and painful. I believe it was due to rough walking surface! So I think this was a good idea, it’s a different surface, it should help me increase my walking speed, over time, and work on some different muscle groups.

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