Last Days of Summer

Today is my day off, and what a gorgeous one! My legs feel good. This new thing I tried, post-race, standing around drinking beer for several hours vs hopping in a vehicle and heading home? Well, it seemed to help my legs. Just a very small amount of muscle tightness in the quads.
The weather was too nice not to run. Cool temps, no humidity, I was out the door around noon.
I did try something different on this run. My stinky hydration vest was washed and on the clothes line, so I used a waist pack, which holds one bottle-uggh! I do not like that any more! It really was cumbersome around my waist! I guess I like the weight higher up, between my shoulder blades now.
The camera doesn’t do justice to the goldenrod. The sky was actually much bluer.
This is the tractor, that I took several snow-covered pics of last winter. I think it looks better this way!
I listened to music, and ran well. I was about “average” with the loop time, so very pleased with that, after running a 50K on Saturday!

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