Trail Awesomeness

What a great run today. Cool temps, around 60, no humidity, light breeze. Our ongoing drought ensures that the bridle trail is bone dry. Even the huge muddle pockets that the horses have churned up have solidified into firm mud, where you can just run across it.

My first trail run since The Ring-I felt really good, and felt faster. I don’t know how to describe it. Well, I guess I can. I was running. After the rocks of Virginia, my minimally rooty dirt path just seemed like no effort! I was running everything. I felt lighter, and felt faster. I even ran some uphills. Just a joyful day in the woods.

I dutifully logged my run at, and then compared my pace to other runs there. My pace was 15.16 minute miles, which is a bit quicker than my fastest pace there previous, of 15.54, very nice, 38 seconds quicker per mile!

A very good run today. I think I will run Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and take Thursday and Friday off, to rest up for the YUT-C 50K on Saturday.

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