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Happy Halloween

Just wanted to show off my Monroeville Zombies hoodie.

Ran 12.5 miles on trails. Then got rid of the rest of the Sam Adams Octoberfest (which I believe you have to do before November.)

Now it’s back to the hilltop campfire for some fining dining-I believe there are hotdogs on the menu!

A Little Help From My Friends

I had a six mile run planned for this morning. As I waited for it to become less dark out, I finally realized I was just puttering and wasting time. For some reason, my friend and fellow NEO Trail Member, Mike Dobies, popped into my head. Mike Dobies is a bad ass runner. Finisher of MMT, the Ring, Reverse Ring, and years of running The Barkley. Would Dobies be sitting here putzing around? Hell no. Dobies would have probably woke up at 4am, ran 10 miles, and then biked to work!
So, thinking of my friend Dobies, I got out for my run. I chose a new long sleeved top, a merino wool top, and a running skirt. I head outside. Woooee, it’s forty degrees! And starting to drizzle! Ugh. But I’m already out on the run. And I at least have gloves on too.
I start to warm up after about 2 miles. I have a 6 mile plan. I’m starting to have second thoughts about six miles..when do I need to turn, I’m running slower than I thought, maybe I’ll just turn at 2.5..
Well, I glance down at the Garmin and it’s at 2.6. Well, shoot, just a few more increments, so I might as well turn around at the 3 mile mark.
I turn at the three mile mark. Now it seems like my back course is more downhill. I’m all warmed up now, and enjoying the run. I run all the uphills. These are normally hills I’ve been walking up lately. I’m running them!!
6 miles in 1.09. Felt great. Thanks, Dobies, for inspiring me, to get out there on my run.

Today it’s Hills

As I sit here and type this and drink my coffee. I’ve got 30 minutes to drink coffee, wake up, eat a little something, then off for my first hill workout.

I’m going to DRIVE 3 miles to my target hill. Park at a gas wellhead, run a bit as a warm out, then tackle my hill.

Today is just going to be about establishing a baseline. Walk up the hill, run down, recover, repeat. See how much time is involved. See if I can do this 3 or 4 times.
Then jog a bit to recover, then DRIVE home.

Now the reason I am not running over to the target hill is, that would take me..36 minutes each way. I don’t have enough time before work, to spend running to the planned workout, executing, then running home.

Maybe later, when I’ve improved more..

It’s been a good week of training so far. Monday was a needed day off. Tuesday I ran 10 miles in an average 11.09 pace, on the flat asphalt bike trail. I went to the gym to check out all the equipment there. Wednesday was my ‘walking day’. This is to improve my walking speed on the rough gravel road on the property. I’m so glad Lloyd stressed the importance of a training log. I did the exact same mileage, 2.91 miles, as one month ago. But I did it 4 minutes faster!! Had I not recorded it, I would not have even realized this.

Now it’s off to refill this cup of coffee..

New 50K in Morganton WV-Mason Dixon Madness 50K

December 11, 2010 0730 AM Start Seneca Plaza, Morgantown, West Virginia

This race benefits the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank & Christian Help Food Bank in Morgantown, WV.

The course will take runners on an out and back course of crushed limestone along the scenic Mon River Rail Trail.
Runners will start at the Seneca Center and head south on the Mon River Rail-Trail passing through the city of Morgantown. Eventually, you will leave Morgantown and be running in a winding, rural, river valley. This portion of the course is remote and truly beautiful! You might even bump into deer, turkeys, and geese. After roughly 15.5 miles, you will turn around and head back to the finish line at Seneca Center.

The $45 fee includes a long-sleeve technical shirt (S-XL), aid station supplies, a nice goodie bag, and post race refreshments at the finish line. Last day to register and guarantee a shirt is Saturday, November 27, 2010. After that, shirts are available while supplies last. There is NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION.

Race web site: Mason-Dixon Madness 50K

This looks like to be a low cost 50K run. I would run it, but that’s my weekend to work!

Day Three! Yes, Day Three!!

The weather has been gorgeous, and it’s too hard to pass up the time in the woods.

I wandered back to Salt Fork. This time I parked in my ‘traditional’ spot where I run my normal loop.

I PR’d my first mile. 16.03. Now this includes a climb straight out of the meadow. Usually this is an 18 (or higher) minute mile. But I was running everything. I had Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” ringing in my head. My husband says no men really like Billy Idol, only chicks. Guys listen because the chicks are. Is this true?

I decided to do some mapping of trails. I was curious what the mileage would be if I took a certain branch of the yellow blazed trail. So when I got to the point where the purple and yellow trail intersected, I reset my watch to zero.

There were actual people out on the trails today, which is usually surprising for me. I did have music in one ear, but I was being vigilant to look for hikers and the horses.

I did a new loop, with several trails, to see what the mileage would be. It was interesting, because I could see other trails through the woods, so I now know of several different trails I cold take for various mileage.

I finished the little loop I had started in 3.1 miles. Since I already had 4 miles in, I decided to cut across the road and bushwhack back to the trail on the other side.

I’ve done this before, but the spot I chose? Perfect. I did not go more than 50 feet where I emerged into a little meadow. It looked familiar. I look at the ground. Not less than 10 feet away is the trail. And the spot I am at? Less than 1/4 from where my vehicle is parked. Perfect. Now I have many more trail options, important going into the winter monthes. I have better knowledge of where I can run more (or less) without getting lost.

Two Days of Trail Running

Since I worked the last 8 of 9 days-no wonder I was a wreck-it was nice to get to my four day weekend.
I spent the last two days running trails at Salt Fork-following what will mostly be the loop for the Bigfoot 50K race. This is going to be a very runnable course. There are some hills, but the trails selected are very fine. Not very technical at all.
Consequently, I found myself RUNNING most of the course. I am getting out of the habit of walk breaks, just because. I even ran UP some of the smaller hills-it about killed me at the top, but I did it.
It was a nice two days of running. I felt much stronger and faster.

I also came to the decision that I need to delete the phrase “slow runner” from my vocabulary. Others had chided me for labelling myself that way.I think after a sub 5 hour road marathon and a sub seven hour 50K, I will remove that tag from my pysche.
So here on out, any time I hear myself thinking as myself in that old fashion, I’m going to banish the thought. Reframe it to a positive statement. No long a slow runner, an IMPROVING Runner.

WV Trilogy Day Three: The 1/2 marathon

Wow, it’s only been a week, and the whole great weekend at the Mountain Institute seems like a fond, distant memory already.
I had found out there was dorm bed space available at the Mountain Institute for 15 bucks a night. I wish I had known this ahead of time, I would have not even brought the tent!
Since I got back to TMI much quicker than planned, I broke camp and packed up my vehicle. I paid for a bed bunk for the evening, so that I would be able to leave more quickly after the 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

I didn’t feel too badly on Sunday. The quads were quite stiff. I was hoping the little 5k loop that we started on would loosen them up. Especially for the downhill on Cardiac Hill.

The little 5K loop did help, and I was able to run down Cardiac Hill. AND I knew I had to go back up this freaking hill, AGAIN!

I had not looked at the 1/2 marathon course at all. So I did not know there would be two out and backs. While I am not a fan of ‘out and backs’ by this time, after running 3 days, it was nice to see other runners out there. A special shout out goes to both the other Trilogy runners, and also other WVMT runners-many of whom were working the AS all weekend, and running their event on Sunday-these were the folks that got the most shoutouts from me!

Since I had not bothered to look at the course, I had no idea of how far I had got along. We ran up a real big hill, ran around a pretty female ‘cone’ and started back down the hill. There was an AS (kind of like a regular 1/2 marathon AS, just water, gatorade, and some Snickers bars.) I grabbed two of these bite sized bars. I had eaten two gels (the only two I had carried) because I was really getting hungry. And tired.
I got off the road, back onto some single track. I had to climb up and over several fences. This was tiring-and hard, on some really tiring quads.
I came along fellow WVMTR Dan Todd, taking pictures on the trail. I asked him how far I was along on the course. He said he thought maybe 9 miles. Then I came upon the last AS soon after this. Imagine my delight when I asked them how far to go-they said 1.5 MILES! Woohoo! 1.5 miles, after my longass weekend! No problem!

Well, except for Cardiac Hill.I took Mark McK’s example and got myself a hiking stick. This really helped get me up this hill. I was very tired at this point.

I got to the top and here I go again. Last chance downt this trail. The Trilogy is growing to a close. There is an older gentleman in front of me. He’s held me off, the whole second half of this race.I bet he doesn’t know I’ve already run 50 miles prior to this race…I can’t catch him…

I run, downhill, and Adam catches me…..

And just like that, the Trilogy is over! I’m returned as a mere mortal, feeling guilty spending so much time away from home. I do have some great lunch, a pig roast, put on by the Mountain Institute, before I quickly say good bye and head on a five plus hour (there’s no quick way around in WV) home.

This was a most excellent, special weekend. I think it was a combination of the people, the area, the scenery, the trails, the committed effort every Trilogy Runner had to give. I learned alot on this weekend. I think Stage Races are HARD! And I think I learned a bit about running in a stage race. This is another great race put on by the West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners-thank you ALL for your dedication and enthusiam this weekend-I had a most excellent time!