A Little Help From My Friends

I had a six mile run planned for this morning. As I waited for it to become less dark out, I finally realized I was just puttering and wasting time. For some reason, my friend and fellow NEO Trail Member, Mike Dobies, popped into my head. Mike Dobies is a bad ass runner. Finisher of MMT, the Ring, Reverse Ring, and years of running The Barkley. Would Dobies be sitting here putzing around? Hell no. Dobies would have probably woke up at 4am, ran 10 miles, and then biked to work!
So, thinking of my friend Dobies, I got out for my run. I chose a new long sleeved top, a merino wool top, and a running skirt. I head outside. Woooee, it’s forty degrees! And starting to drizzle! Ugh. But I’m already out on the run. And I at least have gloves on too.
I start to warm up after about 2 miles. I have a 6 mile plan. I’m starting to have second thoughts about six miles..when do I need to turn, I’m running slower than I thought, maybe I’ll just turn at 2.5..
Well, I glance down at the Garmin and it’s at 2.6. Well, shoot, just a few more increments, so I might as well turn around at the 3 mile mark.
I turn at the three mile mark. Now it seems like my back course is more downhill. I’m all warmed up now, and enjoying the run. I run all the uphills. These are normally hills I’ve been walking up lately. I’m running them!!
6 miles in 1.09. Felt great. Thanks, Dobies, for inspiring me, to get out there on my run.

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